Friday, August 10, 2012


First off, I would like to apologize for my lack of posts. A lot has happened since my last post in December. With plans laid out to get an RV in AZ by New Years, and find work, and so forth, things didn't happen as planned, but alas, fate doth have its way. So with that, I decided at end of last semester to come back to Ohio where rent is cheaper, I have a car available and my cat can live in her happy place once again basking in windows, going on walks, and I can visit friends, family, and work my way through school with the company of a few pets along the way.

My cat is about to turn 6 in 7 days, and I have exactly one year left of school. I actually managed to save this semester. School has been busy, and so my time has been dedicated to that which takes a lot of time up to be honest. As far as a trailer, that is going to be my choice as I want to be able to pull over, park, unhitch, visit friends with my trailer, and work from that angle.I will be restricted in taking the trailer to certain areas, but thats what hookups and parks are for. I need something Rajjah can be comfortable in, can be left behind, and I can drive my car away. So that's the plan.

At the moment, I am living in a house with my cat, and its working great for right now. Lots of fresh produce from the garden, peace and quiet in a country atmosphere, but not to far from the city. The landlord just put in a new well, so fresh drinking water.

School comes first, then a full time job. School is getting harder, but still possible, and its all online at the moment. I haven't bought a car yet as the cost is a bit high, but time tells all, and that's that. I flew back in June 2012, been here for around 11 weeks, and another semester just finished. School starts again in the Fall, so that's that. Nothing truly exciting to write about, but figured I would pop in and say hi.