Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Day in this world

Life has been crazy lately. I am working lots but it will be great once I get some money saved up and more experience in this career. Getting time to actually work on the van seems to be a challenge these days but I will have it into at least a camper. I figure work the winter and then in the spring afford a great rig. Then its onto the future as we know it. Life is pretty good, wheels, a roof and the cat, and a job.

But alas I long for the road but it takes time and the difference in the quality of the trip will be whether prepared or not. So it is that, prep time. I still live minimally and sleep on my tri fold mat in my apartment. I am not buying a bunch of stuff to outfit my space when its temporary. I have been thinking having a home base is a good idea though but with a travel trailer or something, more on those thoughts later. The more off grid the better. I prefer to buy used, eat organic meat and make as much of my own stuff/repair as possible. Although I have never been a cheap skate they called me this at work and I thought to my self, never. I just choose to spend my money on travel/trips that bring me joy, and on the gear that makes those trips enjoyable. Not on superficial things that will mean didly when I pass.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update- first van died today

Hi everyone,
It has been a while since I posted to my blog as I am starting a new job, dealing with one van repair after another and generally attempting to deal with life which this past month has been a bit overwhelming at times.
Betsy (the van) died on the way to work so I had to call off on a double shift. However, I also start orientation for a new job Monday morning which is a huge plus over my old one in the pay area. I loved my old job (still technically have it but for how long thanks to constant vehicle crisis and a long drive there and back) but everything happens for a reason.  I reminded myself of that this morning on my 3 mile hike back to the house with purse and diet coke 2 liter in hand.

So on top of it, a family connection has a Chevy Lumina APV 1990 6 cylinder with some hard miles on it for 800 which will work for a while. It is odd with the wind shield but the additional power, lighter weight material and the 3000 lb towing capability are nice. The width at 6 ft 1 inch exterior means at least 5 ft 4 inch to make my bed crosswise a plus. Its clean, its black, and not a bad home on wheels with such short notice. The parts are hard to find and the repairs will be expensive if needed so I will be saving for another van in the near future. With the new job though it should be easier and perhaps buying a slot of land to park and have a garage are all worth considering.

I have definitely decided that adding a better bike and perhaps gear to go touring would be nice and it would cut down on the expense and miles on the van of weekend excursions. I could park in a relatives driveway since I will be working a lot for now, that a nice bike with a backpack of netbook and cell phone, solar charger, pannier for clothes and sleeping gear, tent and food would work great. Just some stuff from the van and we are on our way. I have been considering adding a bike rack as well. time will tell. I just am ready to try something new.