Sunday, March 27, 2011

So I went on my final shopping adventure last night. My phone has been getting slight paint chips and its not working for me, so I got a case at walmart by body glove that has a clear screen and solid case with belt clip. I got a arm band case for my mp3 player which the store says has an fm player. I didn't find that but I will try to for the weather. And a car charger for my phone so now music by battery and car handles the phone, we are in good shape. I am hunting for a 12v battery for the laptop but not in a rush for that since I don't need that right now. The fan is 12v as well.
I started on the vanilla soy protein powder and that is working well especially in coffee... I am also considering going down in belongings to fit in 2 back packs for some train and other venue of travel options.
I just feel drained for some reason. Its like the vain feeling of wanting to be free but dreading the unknown. I wonder how that will pan out in the end. I have been considering taking online classes for right now and beginning to travel a bit. It would make my money stretch and then I could go in person when needed. I also considered driving to tucson once a week and meandering az. I just haven't decided my best course yet. My biggest thought is too do the once class and mearly roam as I see fit.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I must say this is much nicer typing on a almost full size keyboard with a laptop on a screen that's easier on the eyes. Its a more power hungry device for sure, but it will come in handy for all those papers. I am done buying technology for right now except for the portable dvd drive that's a huge benefit in laptop land. I have the mp3 player, the laptop and cell phone plus charger cables. That all fits nicely in my targus carry case. I also have a 12V fan and freezer do dod but I don't know what I will do with the freezer thingy since it does work but its power hungry and I have a cooler that can do the same thing without the power draw. Now that I don't eat meat or drink pop, I don't have much to keep cold. I am working on giving up the dairy as well as I don't seem to use much dairy to begin with. I like soy and rice milk on occasion.
Today for breakfast I had toast and hummus. For lunch I boiled some rice, added tahini and hummus and some canned peas (which I have plenty left in the can for later). Tonight its tomato soup, rice and black beans.
Work was 6 to 10 am and then 2-10 pm, such odd hours but the break in the middle is where I am at now, getting laundry done, visiting a friend for a shower, enjoying lunch and checking up on email. My check doesn't look right so I have to check into it but I have 60 hours for this week for the next one. There just seems to be one bill after another. I had to buy shoes this time around as mine had holes in them but they weren't bad priced.
I think either way I am going to continue to try and sell a few things and work it out so I can get going and hopefully I make it there and things work out. Its not going to be easy but it should pan out in the end. My dad asked me about work and I told him its not really on my mind, just many other things that happen when you are moving 2000 miles across the country in a minivan.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So the new cat fancy came out this week. Lots of relatives of my girl. Very exciting. The last one they put out was april 2008 and several of my past show babies had relatives there too...
Hmm... Day 3 of being a vegetarian. Not a bad deal. No weight gain, good energy, fairly good patience, but I am hungry but that's from portion control. I have been drinking more which good as well and I haven't drank pop since since starting this deal so that's good as well. I still drink coffee though but more crystal light and water.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some links for fun...
 I have been getting questions from family and friends about what to eat, shop ect. Well, whether you are or not, has some excellent recipes especially under the starter kit for oatmeal pancakes with applesauce topping. I am going to try it for breakfast tomorrow. I made a pea, bean, mayo, rice and cheese mixture for dinner tonight. I am exploring alternatives to cheese and dairy as the dairy and veggies equal gas so I am a lacto veg at this point but small steps is easier. I am definitely full and the gas is no where near as bad as it was in the 3 months I did this in high school. But I have learned that refried beans and some other varieties don't work for me. I am being honest on this subject and covering it hear because it is part of what I am doing. If its not your topic of choice, feel free to skip this post and no flames please.
Chacos are some amazing shoes as my old shoes are about to see sunshine, I wear them to death literally. Chacos are made in the US, eco friendly and not made with animal products. Did I mention comfortable. I am going to my favorite running shoe shop for a proper fitting. I have a pair of boots and they are great. I have had them for a while now and they look great for formal wear which unfortunately I don't attend much these days. I bring this up because of the radiation chances from overseas due to their nuclear plants, I don't have to worry about sweat shop labor and I am in America, so it makes sense to support our economy.
The areas that I need to improve are the cats as I could be more aware especially the litter but  the 24/7 from Tidy Cat is the best I have found. I have tried the other eco freindly brands and crystals worked for a while but my new kitten didn't like it so I didn't have much choice there. I have a 2nd box for the crystals that my older cat uses and maybe the other will try it someday. So far she likes the sand feel and the odor control is still important. They do eat meat but its from Natures Variety pre packaged. I have heard of folks feeding their cats vegetarian food but I don't find that fair or natural so I will continue to buy what is natural for them. I get more joy from them and they aren't breeding and still need a home, so I don't have an ethical issue  in having pets. Now buying pets from pet stores, buying cosmetics from animal testing companies or buying a fur coat, those things weigh heavily on my mind but to each his own. -:)
I actually went an entire day on a vegetarian diet. Today I had oatmeal for breakfast. I have had to think why am I doing this. Well, for one its an ethics issue, for two meat byproduct, environmental exposure and general fat levels in meat is just about insane. I have been eating it for years but for some time now its been high salt cheaper meats and I don't get enough fruits And veggies. Hopefully this will help. Like I said, how long it lasts, where it goes, its hard to say. Its an experiment with no stress. Its a time to explore new food options, better health and hopefully a lifestyle change.
I don't have to give up caffeine, my favorite breads, dairy or other assorted foods. And I won't have to worry about refrigeration. Besides that I love pb, soy and the like. Plus fast food will be cut down. I will still eat fish for a while as I don't want to cut out to much and I haven't made a final draw yet, but poutry and red meats are out at this point.
Please note I am not bashing farms who make meat responsibly, I am endorsing each person to make a decision if this could be an option for you, not pushing nor shoving my choice a yours.
Somehow in the coarse of the last few days of getting out and walking, not feeling great and whatnot I lost a few pounds and have hit my lowest weight in a long time. Well we shall see what a few weeks looks like. I just haven't been as hungry and I ate to much a week ago and just felt sluggish but I like walking and hiking so that could be part of it, the sunshine.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today was good and shows what team work does. Things happened that were due to another not doing their job But we had a team and it worked. Never underestimate the power of great team mates.
Perhaps I am off my rocker in considering to be a vegetarian but its in line with my values on providing a safe and holistic environment for animals. With factory farms, there is the ethics issue, with local field raised, I worry of disease from chickens pecking in their stuff and there is also the overseas radiation issue. So here is to a new experiment. That doesn't mean I won't eat dairy though.

Monday, March 21, 2011

For a 30 dollar mp3 player I am impressed. And having yesterday off was relaxing. I caught up with some old friends, caught up on email and just chilled. It was perfect. I look forward to it on the road as well, catching up with old friends. It just fits.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sorry for those on the reader, my phone sent a separate text for each part of my post. So here is a condensed version.
I bought an mp3 player last night. Its 30 bucks, holds 600 songs, touchscreen and downloads via usb. Before I give up my old computer, I am going to convert my cds to mp3 and backup the collection on my portable hd. The hd should be here in a few days. Then instead of the portable DVD drive for a power hungry laptop and the accessories to watch tv on it, I am opting for a tv and DVD player for 79. Also not wanting to get a second battery for the laptop its actually cheaper this way.
The windshield is going to be 220 and the rest is for my trip.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am sad that some political forces have opted to stop funding npr. I for one enjoy their fair and balanced reporting. At one time I was working on becoming a journalist and found npr the best example of fair and balanced reporting without all the hype many other agencies have. They are part of the american people and if we can fund banks who have repeatedly hurt the economy and wrecked lives, then why can't we fund npr that helps speak english to a generation overrun by media dramatics. Looking @ where our money goes, NPR is both educational, stands for the ideal of a non profit without a religious twist, and gives us useful information which has guided many people on several intense subjects to vote with informed knowledge. They are a true piece of democracy and without NPR much like the rights of bargaining employees, we are taking steps back by a century or more, a truly sad sight for a country that has come so far. Add the right to keep our money vs paying a tax to support local communities. This isn't political party specific, this is the upper echelon of America, those people we voted for that do as I say, not as I do, should be their slogan. Then I could say they were being honest about their dishonesty.
Bleh, I am working another double today. Its going to be a long day... A very long day. One on one is cool for a day then it gets tiring, but its just the way the cookie crumbles I suppose. Especially when co workers do nothing to help. But today I am getting ALL of my breaks. But I need the money so its all good. I am on the last sprint 23 days left and then co and down to az. I am considering registering for classes and then returning so I only have to pay campground fees for a month before my stipend kicks in. I wish I had the ability to work 60 hours a week all the time like some people, its just not there except now, I want every hour I can bank. I have been working with 2 days off per week, now 1 is my goal with 3 to 4 doubles per week, then I can sleep for a week and then head out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My internet is so random right now. But its okay. I am getting tired. The double today hasn't been bad and the job hasn't been hard but 16 hours is still 16 hours. I am doing it again tomorrow. I hate doing it in a row but if I don't do it, then I don't get it during the week and I suffer financially. I want time to find a job and take my time. I could keep going at a normal pace but faster is better. Its like 3 weeks and a few days until done @ my job. I need to pay my current bills off aka utilities before I leave. Then the leftover stuff. We are getting there and I am writing so much to motivate me to make it. I have a respiratory issue and every time I exert myself it gets worse. Doubles can make it hard but its worth the gas savings. Of course, people keep telling me to do this and that but its all touch and go @ this point. Its fate and in the Gods hands now...
As a person that co owns a border collie, ther energy and intelligence is overwhelming. That's why my pup stays with family. She was a rescue of sorts but her breeding was good although the breeders ethics were lacking. She came from a foster situation as the lady signed them over to a rescue but at least the genetics are there. She is athletic, ambitious and strong willed.
I was watching Cesar Milan and one of the dog aggression issues was a collie mix with horribly splayed feet. That is bad breeding not doing health checks and boo on the person that allowed the pup to come out that way. Then the dog being treated like a human and not a dog first created this temperament.
I am not for dogs being tied up and being forgotten, I am pro shelter AND breeder when both are responsible, pro positive reinforcement and pro natural. Pro natural means I respect the fact a dog comes from the wolf with all the instincts thereto and that should be respected first and then a dog can get on furniture or whatever the house rules are but those are the pack masters rules. You and I are the packmaster. It may be unpopular but dogs don't ask to be fixed but they should be, dogs prefer to run the neighborhood but cars will hit them ect, aka dogs ARE NOT people too, I am pro welfare, not rights.
Part 2...
having 2 lifelines is part of what the industrial world calls risk management. I am a woman and I am willing to take a certain amount of risk vandwelling, but having open communication for the what if, and data a reasonable amount of time to stay connected to friends and family. I am trying to minimize isolation.
However, I am also taking some time to reflect and visit with some old friends where being unwired is okay as I won't want to put their details out there without their permission and I just feel some things should remain private.
Some of my friends are conservative in their faith and choose to stay away from technology as they want to retain privacy and the closeness of their family and local community. Basically, they are mostly off the grid and part of me looks forward to that experience as I am wired into a huge network right now.
Albeit, that network like this blog saves paper, takes care of my need to write and allows me to bounce ideas off of other folks. So its a wash as I don't have to carry so many journals which are now scanned into my flash drive. A few days ago, I bought a hd off of ebay so now I can give my dad my old computer which is better and faster than his and is just to power hungry and bulky for my needs.
So how to reduce yet. My phone has been great for downloads. My options are sd card which would require 2 to 3. A flash drive that my computer could read but the laptop has a battery life of 4 hours and will consume 1.05 watts to charge which takes 3 hours with the power off. Figuring 2 to 3 days per charge I don't get much music time. The laptop power draw is far less than a larger laptop or a desktop but still a hungry device. My cell phone can charge from my cigarette socket. So my conclusion is an mp3 player while I have the old computer as I can do an entire disk to the mp3 player @ a time. As I don't have an external DVD drive for the laptop yet, I could forgo it for a moment as I won't be watching many movies w the limited power, but music and texting I very much like to have.
So what purpose is the laptop? School papers, research in a timely manner, and reading ebooks as I like the larger screen. I am not spending the money on an ebook reader right now when I have all the major ones on my laptop and can download from there. Mainly, I am waiting to see what books we use for class. I am hoping they are books carried digitally at barnes and noble so I can get the nook color, highlight and take notes and see the pictures in color. But they provide the books as part of tuition and some are digital, so we shall see.
I thought of selling my cello and posted it. I had it appraised and I am not giving it away. So its coming it looks like. It made it from ak so maybe I am overreacting. I also went through my sheet music collection and found the music to Angel. Its a gorgeous solo and better with 2. I have the music for both. I am going to try and record me playing it and see how it sounds. If I can't sell it, I might as well enjoy it again. Its big but the sound is big and warm and its wood, so its not really heavy. I just need to rethink where its going in the van. I could house it along the rear. It fit in the trunk of my alero so it should fit behind the wheel well. I definitely have to build a bed somehow as I was going to put my totes in the rear and I want the passenger side mostly free. I also need to scan some more papers and see if I can find the ebooks for some of my books. I may also need to look @ clothes and copying my DVDs and cds or @ least the cds to a mp3 player, Its back to reducing again which I thought yesterday I was done with. At this pace, I will be down to one hiking pack. Lol...
some people bring books to read, I have my handy phone. Buying a smartphone albeit not an iphone or blackberry was one of my best moves. I don't get as good of reception as I did on my old widget prepaid slider phone as it was on the verizon network. This one is either sprint or at&t.v. I don't remember right now but there is enough to do offline its okay. I also am glad to have a qwerty keyboard. There aren't as many apps for the symbian os but a 200 dollar phone and 45 a month who am I too complain.
I am considering getting another cheap verizon phone preferably an old razor so I can have a text only prepaid plan in case of emergency, I will then have a second lifeline. We used to say you need an heir and a spare. Virgin mobile is another option. I need to do some research as I don't want to spend more than 20 more a month but having 2 network coverage options is needed for talk and text. Its a security thing as I am a woman.
I have had 3 days off this week. I am starting a new diet today as the stress of moving has led to emotional eating which is bad and has led to some regression but not to far. I made some work contacts yesterday, clustered the containers going in the van and realized living out of a backpack would be a major challenge for me. I could do 2 large hiking packs and then the bed roll and sleeping bag. One for clothes and toiletries and the other for everything else, but to carry one pack with me would be hard unless I stored my other stuff. Its odd how as I have gotten rid of many things I have certain will not go items. I am @ a point where the items picked to go are items I truly value. Everything is replaceable but some things I would rather not have too...
Another lesson learned is its not bad living with 3 outfits if you have a washer handy so I opt for 2 weeks of clothes now because I don't have a washer in my apartment.
Last night I had both windows open in the apartment and the fan going. I was hot in the sleeping bag and opted for a sheet. It was nice having fresh air. I look forward to many more nights of it albeit part of me is sad to say farewell for now but I will be back to visit. I got written confirmation at work, the 11th is my last day...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

As I consider my options, I am getting nervous @ all I have left to do. I want a very part time job and I came across a few recently and will be looking into those tomorrow as I will feel more comfortable if I have an income source until my stipend flows and then I still like a few pennies.
I am only planning 11 weeks in the small town then I am going to tucson for better jobs and more opportunities. This means 11 wks plus 6 weeks getting there in the van just to start with. By then I should know how things will pan out.
I have also been looking @ power options and batteries are heavy and messy, so I am looking into solar from earthtech and then a panel from harbor freight. One solid panel and some portable ones will keep me covered stealth or not. But that will probably come later. I was looking @ burro trailers and I like them as well. Aliners have their appeal but the peak is a bit much.

Monday, March 14, 2011

today I took a shower. It was a long one and my first in 6 days. I have been washing my hair in the sink or a 5 gallon bucket and just washing me up due to a flooded leach bed but the discount on rent makes it okay. Anyways, I imagine in the van it will be the same. On my road adventures before, I had friends to visit and will be this time for some of the trip but not all. And I love the extended time frame and freedom. I will take pics soon, as soon as I get the van in order. Right now I got everything inside going through it and then the pack out, then the bed and I don't even want to consider the power thing although its less scary than it was before.
I am on the hunt for milk crates for my bed project and all turns have led me to more money than a hinged box bed would cost, I also found out I don't need the bed made quite yet.
I got rid of my pile of donations, trash and unused furniture yesterday, did my laundry and began thinking on more stuff to go. So I will continue to be off work tomorrow to get things squared away even more and organized. Then I can get the interior of the van professionally cleaned and lay the rug down. I found out my laundry baskets and totes fit nicely in the back. I am considering putting a plywood across the back to create shelves for the baskets and totes so I don't have to move one to get to another. The bed fits perfectly from wheel well to behind the drivers seat. I was thinking the toilet can go under the bed or in the rear and the water near the slider. The bed thing is really grating my nerves as I get it planned out and it gets more complex. I am also worried of sudden stops with a bed platform unless I tied it down and thats why the milk crates were perfect. They are easy to secure to the seat bases.
I also decided all the seats need to go and the front passenger seat with my giant dash could be a portable desk. Its to hard to get in the back behind the seats and I have fold up chairs in the van already.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am off for the next 2 days thankfully and only work 2nd shift today. I have been considering the cost of trailers and weight issues. I don't see me getting a van larger than the minivan or an SUV. So I was considering a pop up trailer now that I have perfected the wash up routine with a sink. a quicksilver 6.0 or similiar one side pop up would work. I need weight room left over for a scooter thass highway legal for alternative transportation. I won't be moving every day and it could go in a campground and thus take care of the power issues and towing, its a low profile so that would work. I want a portable home although fiberglass and aluminum aren't off the radar but a pop up is like a portable screen room that's light, gives me a separate home from my van and a cooking area.
Basically, a pop up I can stand in, tow with virtually any vehicle, is cheap, light and fairly easy to set up. I will still use the van for primary bed and travel but the stand up room is a kicker for me. Also, the additional storage is a plus and pop ups now come with most amenities found in hard sided counterparts. Tear drops are the other light weight option but I want to stand up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So I got a surprise. I downloaded a couple of books when I had the ereader. Well, I downloaded the app on my laptop and I went online and it synced my entire collection so instead of having to download the ones I read, it actually holds my place and inherited several classics. I did read more on the ereader as I can't walk with the laptop but its still portable and good. At someplace point I would like a 7 inch tablet to read from, I like the e ink technology so the nook color still wins with the android system but I can now wait. however, I do need a printer chord for my printer, a DVD drive and a portable hard drive or maybe a few flash drives, but the hard drives hold more, I need to compare shop there as I have windows xp left from my old computer so I don't need to copy all of it.
Today is just another day... I woke up a few minutes late for worK and that led to a get up, get dressed and ran out the door. By some miracle I made it on time. Its been a slow but steady morning just busy chore type stuff. This is double day 2. As the events unfold, I am thinking of keeping dates the same, its just a toss up. I would like more time to explore but I want the resources to be comfortable and get my cats by christmas. I considered looking into home health care part time and doing some house sitting to save money so I can make everything happen quicker. Time will tell.
I have played a game or two, started syncing my ebooks to my laptop so things are good. I wish I had more time to play with my laptop but that's later.
My dad is getting my old computer so I am getting the DVD drive and portable hd this coming week. I am off quite a bit so I will have some time to figure things out.
What a day... I can see the ground again, the nice green mud Lol... However, its a sign that spring is working its way out. I would rather sooner than later. I enjoyed the white winter season but driving in it is a pain. I would rather the 6 months to prep and I have getting other stuff squared away, but at 3 weeks left, its not much time. But alas, I may work more and simply van dwell for a few weeks after to work out the kinks because I have connections here I don't have elsewhere. I will have to make those connections soon enough. I want to start out on the right foot to give this full timing thing a fair shake. I must say I admit how livable my last van was. But I have condensed many things, invested in technology to keep me amused and use less power and the many overnight trips to see how things work. there should be less clutter and more efficiency as I can't function with the hunt and peck. I did that for so many yrs and that's why I downsized.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So all that planning for a bed, and it takes up to much permanent valuable real estate. I want to keep my seat in the back as its comfy and I want sprawl space because that's the kind of person I am. I discovered milk crates are the perfect height and are the same height as my totes.
So 2 crates in the hatch, 2 totes in the middle by the wheel well and 2 by the door. Perfect for my height lengthwise, and in 3 sections that are removable makes getting underneath easier. It also makes organization a snatch as my soft bags and totes can be crate stored and during the day everything can be moved as needed from by the door making stealth easier. When I get extra money, I will hinge 2 sections of the bed and float the third if I just want a shelf for stacking. This gives me a cheap and comfortable bed that can be moved from one van to the next or even fit in the back of a car, I may also go 4 sections to make it more flexible and the fourth section can come out for cooking. Then I just have 2 larger Rubbermaid totes and a 3 drawer system to place in the van.
A morning of diet mtn dew instead of coffee. For some reason since I have been working doubles I don't want to stay sleeping to much. It truly was my last time off a few weeks ago. But its worth it.
I bought an acer one netbook. It works well so far. I am using it as an ereader, for google maps, and the standard windows programs. Eventually I will add a portable DVD drive and portable hard drive. I already have the mouse. It has hdmi as well although I can't see powering a tv and eating the battery up. And a bigger screen is likely to be hard to move although having a 7 or 10 inch tv is a good idea as I can watch local tv or plug in the DVD player with the longer battery life. I also have a printer and the laptop can use my phone or wifi for internet.
They have a 7 inch tv @ pilot with usb so my DVD player could work directly in either. I want something to fit in the laptop bag. Laptop, cell, DVD drive, chords, camera, mouse, portable hd and tv. I want to have the ability to take it all with me in my shoulder pack like I do now especially in high theft areas.
I could get a laptop that does it all but batteries and if something breaks, I would rather replace one thing instead of the whole machine.
Today I am working hospital duty and another double but its worth it and I like the hospital when its comfort care for someone I know well. I may have to extend my work date until the 21st. That would give me a cushion.
I needed a laptop for school and travel, the van needs a few things and I will be waiting for a bit knowing the government for my stipend. So that gives me 3.5 weeks to get there and 2 weeks to get settled and register for classes. I drove alaska to ohio in 11 days so 3 weeks is good for now with a good layover in colorado with a friend. Plus once I register and start getting my stipend, I can get a camper and camp out @ campgrounds and get the cats. I still want an ultralite camper and an SUV although the prius has its appeal and could haul the ultralite hard shell. There are several options but once I have the camper, having good gas mileage and a hatchback or SUV is appealing as it won't need as much stuff inside. Option b is the minivan and scooter with the van staying mostly parked and the scooter to get around but that's not as comfortable as the camper especially with pets.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

So the septic tank where I live is full and something about it being dug too deep so I have been forced to do a quick wash hair in sink and wash uo the rest of me. Not bad for a gallon of water and some outdoor rx. It says you don't have to rinse but I choose too. My hair turns out decent and I don't stink so its good practice for the road I suppose. I just don't have the motivation to beg showers from people when this method works. Now don't get me wrong, I won't turn down a shower but everytime I see family they want something. Now why is it that those of us that work weekends answer get our days during the week don't deserve the same respect we give someone that is off on the weekend?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today it is raining. I am in a contemplative state today as I look around and realize time draws short. My letter is now officially in to work for APRIL 11 , my lease is up on the 15th. I have begun organizing my things and am going shopping for lumber today and hoping to find someone to cut it to fit to the side of the van but if not, it might be better for stuff to fit behind. Here we go even though I am tired as all get up. But I will be working my scheduled shifts the last week in slow motion and hopefully having some relaxation time to sit with my cats before they go to a friend until I am settled.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Just handed my 4 weeks notice to work in and it feels good. I don't know how the future looks but I will find a way and hopefully experience something of the journey. The mundane isn't working for me. I am thinking on a 2nd education in journalism as that's my other love but we shall see. It would be nice to write and advocate for disabled folks, maybe do some lobbying.
Just handed it in
Today I am putting my 4 weeks notice in to work. There is a lack of communication and I keep getting pulled around. I am done on the 12th to get the higher pay on the weekends. To dispel myths I am giving them more notice plus then its over and a new chapter begins. I am nervous but after all this thought I know its the right option. Its just a matter of time now, pick up shifts, get pulled and after school hopefully have a steadier career I can work my time and not need to be here constantly. I lived so tight from my last job, this one is better but it motivated me to want more from life after less then 3 months. The good news is I am off the next 2 days. Its been a challenging day to say the least so I need them, then training and then the weekend. This coming weekend is my last off weekend thankfully.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So there are rumors @ work that I am not going to az, boy are they in for a surprise. Given that I don't socialize with anyone outside of work that would come to that conclusion, I love people presume to know my life when its not open for them. But I don't care, in ten years it will make no difference. And heaven knows, something must be up that I am picking up all these hours. I used to work exactly 40 a week and scheduled only one less than that at this job. I love the residents and so forth but I must admit being part time somehow it motivated me to go back to school. I just can't imagine working the same job all these hours in the same place. Hopefully that will change.
I downloaded several gregorian chants and finished reading how to marry a millionaire vampire. It was really neat and adept my night. I definitely awoke too early @ 10 am and work was stressful today. But @ least I got my hair washed last night and got clean clothes for tomorrow and should have gas enough to getting through tomorrow. Had I drove home and back it would have been one shift and I would have had to borrow money which I don't want to do. This way I only have thursday to worry about and I haven't spent any of the change in my spare area so I should be okay. I would like to chill out for tuesday and wednesday and do some nice walks. I have also been leaving more often to get the dogs and cats used to it being this way. The cats will join me soon but I want a trailer or better setup in the van.
Final post for the day... Like I said before, this blog is saving paper and its my space. I really like how my skin feels with the no rinse body wash although I do rinse and dry. I shampooed my hair with cold water in a place nearby, wasn't a business, and boy, talk about saving water. None the less, its clean. I will go back to no poo with baking soda and vinegar when I leave as it can go through the stages. Even with poo, every 3 days seems to do the job.
I noticed even @ 3 days, its thicker and growing. I use the no rx stuff sometimes or just baking soda and sometimes a good brushing, depending. If I have been working, it gets something. Anyways, saved gas, didn't have to pay anything to stay clean and I feel better.
Someone asked me other day why outfit the van for more than sleeping, its because I want it to be home and to do that requires entertainment and I prefer more going into the back woods for a hike over dealing with traffic and nutjobs. I want the van to be home but in a spacious minimalist modern way with all valuable things to be carried in one bag should they need to be for a hike or bus trip or what not. I have access to a washer and dryer at the moment for free so I have been living on 2 outfits for 3 days and I could do longer if needed. I would say my 7 outfits I use now works well with a few tees and scrubs on the side. I do need new shoes though but for some reason I don't make it a priority because I will be in sandals or five fingers soon.
Further detailed plans are the bed will be 4x4s with a half inch top with hinged lid. At 2 ft across and 6 ft long, we should be good to go. The trifold bed will fit on top and I can fold one section to use the end as a desk if needed I am putting 2 pull out shelves side by side below it, one for my computer stuff for easy access and the other for my coleman one burner stove. Then 2 totes fit below that. On the passenger side, the 3 drawers go behind the seat with fold up tray and chair. I am keeping the rear chair beside the bed because it folds down and and is good as a night stand, cup holder or spot to hold a fan. Plus I was thinking on using my organizer with tray to store my laptop and watch movies at night.
I really want a 10 or 14 inch screen on laptop or touchpad which makes it bigger to haul around but does more so its a trade off. I could just get a portable DVD player but the screen is so small. Then there is the word processing issue for school which requires a keyboard Lol...
I can access the library books for free on my ereader as well so by making it so I don't have to leave the van unless I want to is my game plan.
I took a shower before I left home on Friday. I did a wash up last night and I still smell good. I used outdoor rx body wash for my hair as well and it seems to be working out. I have used baking soda and apple cider vinegar in the past but ran out and I am working with what I got. I am going to visit a friend today to shower before work, then its camp out again for the night until work another double tomorrow and then off the next two days. I miss the cats but a friend is checking in on them and gas is too high to make the hour drive in the snow to my place and back when I can sleep in the van or friends places. The van isn't as comfortable as I would like but its not bad. I have decided to wait on the computer until next month.
I think getting the bed and frame made are more immediate concerns. I will have plenty of time to explore computers and the like for the week or two after I am in the van. plus my back has been getting stiff, so more than a bedroll and sleeping bag are needed. I am getting some memory foam. My tri fold bed was nice but its gotten worn from time, so its time for a new one. It folds into thirds so I can use the bed for other things on the end section with the foam out of the way.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 weeks 6 days until I am on my way to full time van dwelling. I can't believe I am this close. I need to register for classes so I don't want to wait until the last minute to get to az but the longer I can manage to work before leaving the easier this trip will be. The drive from ak to oh was life changing and I don't regret doing it.
I do think I took finances to tight this paycheck but I got several things like the ereader, a very warm sleeping bag and portable chargers that will make life doable. now a laptop or similiar device for school and I am good to go. Then a simple battery installation for power and I am going to try solar as much as possible for the smaller items.

Friday, March 4, 2011

And another text update, Lol... I am at work again. I prayed for some sunshine for my walk today, and I got it. I must admit, I miss having the walking scenery of my last job. I can't wait to do some serious walking again. I am also going to visit the toledo museum of art at least once before I go. I also want to hit up the toledo zoo, the cincinnati zoo, visit the middle eastern area of detroit, hamtramick and dearborn to catch up with some old friends. And a trip to the navy pier in chicago. I will also be walking the local parks in a tour type of deal. Just a few lasts for now. I will be taking my time, then tied up with school and and trying to explore out west. This country is so big and so much to do. Then I want to explore russia.
Today marks the exact mark of 4 weeks until I move into the van and 5 weeks until I drive out. With gas prices what they are, I am staying at a friends tonight. I work a double tomorrow and money is really tight until payday as I bought the ereader but it was worth it, all books so far have been free, and it can be charged anywhere. Gas prices are going up again so efficiency is key.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So today I am so happy. I have less than a month to be done working and 5 weeks to leave date. Then onto columbus, st louis mo, and out to co, then down to roswell nm and onto tucson. I am getting my touchpad computer from ebay, an archos 70 and building the bed soon. Its just finding the time. I will be visiting some stores tomorrow to finalize my decision.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a day. I stayed in toledo to do my laundry. Its a family members house so my washer and dryer are stored here. I spent the night on the floor and it was actually comfortable. I read my ebook and downloaded a few more. I picked up an adaptor so I can charge my kobo with a wall or car charger. It also came with a charger to hook my computer to my phone. Sadly though, I mapped out the space in my van and there is no way I can fit the regular computer or handle its power draw. So I will be getting a portable hard drive to back my stuff up, then sell it. I am kind of sad on that one as it was custom built. but I need technology that I can take on plane, train or van and not be power hungry.
At this time kobo and cell are going. The DVD player, big computer, keyboard and mouse are getting replaced with a laptop and tv dongle. I would rather watch tv or DVD from a wifi capable laptop than cart all these parts and some may find me overboard in my considerations of technology but I am in a mini van with VERY limited space after sleeping, food, toiletries, clothing storage and cooking gear. I need certain items for my entertainment and being able to watch movies, catch the local news or check maps and weather reports as well as email or call family is important to me.
The ereader is also important as I don't need a million books anymore but love books. I am a minimalist in some areas but on a rainy day in a van I want the comforts of home.