Sunday, April 18, 2010

My situation and solution, what's yours'?

I work full time, drive an insane 26 miles + to work, take the puppy to daycare another 20 minutes out of the way aka dads and attempt to keep 3 felines happy. Two of the cats grew up traveling, the third tolerates it and the puppy sees the van as her second home.

The background: It started out with 3 cats, the normal house, job and occasional trip for work, camping, visiting family and so on. Then gas prices went up, the car (before I got the van) died, and I still needed to get to work. I spent 3 days at dads and had a pet sitter for the cats. This was expensive. So I bought a van. Its older but runs, is easy to work on and gets me to work. I suffer a bit in mpg but the space is worth it and the cats have room. Then a few months later I went to visit my brother and adopted a puppy. She stays with family during the day and so came the need to haul her ex pen, kennel and belongings plus her. I have no plans to drive a car any time soon.

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