Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bed updates and other construction thoughts

It is finally getting down to summers end, with all its heat and need for a rental room. Of course then comes the fun of finding places to park that I will be able to get out of and still not be in the way of snow plows but one issue at a time. The van is in the shop today but now having spent quite a bit of time in it, I can better assess my needs. I am 6 months into planning for vanning and 2 months into actually being mostly a full timer. Still spend about 10 percent of my time in the rental room due to heat but that will change eventually.

Its a balance between making sure I am prepared and have the financial backing for some traveling and making sure the van is a good home. I don't see a new van right now so for now, for the next year or so, I am looking at life in my minivan. I want to be comfortable and settled, as well as have all my belongings with me in the van and my cats be happy AND being organized. Finding hookups or not (stealth and minimal expense are my ultimate goals) and other cargo options is next but one thing at a time.

Here is another thought: I am a minimalist for sure, and took that design to my van for the past 6 months, not wanting to cut into the van to bolt things down, wanting to be able to take everything out in an instant and still having the comforts of home. I am not a good builder on my own so I am looking at conventional RV and boat stuff. Its been like an extended camping trip for the past 2 months which is fine if I were camping, but I am living and that means a little more comfort. Plus sides of a mini van, everyone has one and they are roomy with proper design.

So as I have been working on getting together my blueprints for the bed frame that will come out when the van is retired along with the installation of the roof vent, I have come to the conclusion that time and expense make it more worth while to get a "jackknife" bed like used in travel trailers. Its a couch that slides out to a bed. This gives me the ability to have both a sitting area and and a middle "hallway" in the van and a simple slide out at night which means a bigger bed (something important to me). I can then leave the bottom open for storage.

Along that notion, a bedside organizer, shelving and organizers are key. more to come...

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