Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Day in this world

Life has been crazy lately. I am working lots but it will be great once I get some money saved up and more experience in this career. Getting time to actually work on the van seems to be a challenge these days but I will have it into at least a camper. I figure work the winter and then in the spring afford a great rig. Then its onto the future as we know it. Life is pretty good, wheels, a roof and the cat, and a job.

But alas I long for the road but it takes time and the difference in the quality of the trip will be whether prepared or not. So it is that, prep time. I still live minimally and sleep on my tri fold mat in my apartment. I am not buying a bunch of stuff to outfit my space when its temporary. I have been thinking having a home base is a good idea though but with a travel trailer or something, more on those thoughts later. The more off grid the better. I prefer to buy used, eat organic meat and make as much of my own stuff/repair as possible. Although I have never been a cheap skate they called me this at work and I thought to my self, never. I just choose to spend my money on travel/trips that bring me joy, and on the gear that makes those trips enjoyable. Not on superficial things that will mean didly when I pass.


  1. Perspective is such an interesting thing to me! People see someone being frugal so they can spend their money on something that matters more to them and those people attach that "cheap" label. Pretty sad! I of course thing you are right on track! I am really looking forward to watching as your plans work out! Keep it up, you will get there!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Thanks Mike, phase 2 will happen eventually lol. I enjoyed my geo nomadism for a few months, now I am just relaxing, spending time with my feline and hanging with friends as winter finds its way here. The van is almost ready for some winter fishing and camping.
    I think people see someone as cheap when we don't use credit cards and live within our means.