Friday, April 5, 2013

Greetings from the great midwest

It has been a while since my last post, and not to much has happened other than working on school, spending time with the family, and figuring out what comes next. With only 3 semesters until graduation, time is wrapping up on the full time college gig, and thus the beginning of another chapter in life. I settled on renting a studio for the time being, and it has been nice, other than the lack of air conditioning in the summer. But, the price is right, and school is online only, so the stipend is less, but te goal was not for a fancy place in the Beverly Hillls. It is a nice country like setting where my neighbors dogs keep me company, and I have room for Ajah. She is doing well after a long winter. This is my first year of not showing, but with only one cat, no vehicle of my own at the moment, and working the last leg of school; there just isn't the funds. However, the scenery, the precious moments with my grandma, who is now 80, and spending time with my nephew are more valueable than anything money can buy. Besides that, living within my means, and having no additional debt from school is a beautiful thing. I am thinking on working a low pay job this spring until summer while working to find a more permanent job, and continue my masters in the fall, provided I can get situated. There is parking for a truck and trailer in my current location, with plenty of others around here, and no leave date, so I will feasibly be able to stay here, park here, and have a homebase, mailing address for the future. Beyond that, it is hard to say where things are going. With my families health going, and no kids of my own, I plan to begin looking at potential traveling companions. I am a bit unconventional, and it has been 9 months in my current location. This far in, I have not unpacked, have not really decorated, and find myself longing for some traveling. A home base with the system set up like it is makes having a home base almost mandatory.
I was considering more animals in the future, but Tippy will be mine if something happens to her owner, and Ajah turns 7 this year, so that is enough when looking at the long haul. As it stands, traveling takes part of the priority list, but so does being situated and responsible. It is hard to say what i going to happen with job offers out of state. Money is important, and with so much hinging on the righ one, it is a gamble to look at.

I talked to some old friends, which was very uplifting, and made for a bright and beautiful day. Well, that is it for now. Time to enjoy spring time.

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