Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another Update

I really should update the description of this blog as I do not live in a van, and I have one cat, and no van currently. I am looking for a job, live a minimalist lifestyle in a studio, just graduated college, and have been reflecting on several things as of late. The car that I do use had some serious work done to make it safe, and it all got done in a day. After visiting walmart for a pair of jeans, and boots at a shoe store, I decided to visit my long lost trusty friend known as the used clothing store. I have always used the 2nd hand stores for the not so important events, but discovered a great two dollar business suite with a local shop, and that is great for me as it means the clothes will not shrink. It is interesting how the stereotypes of societal norms have began to change in more recent times, and that is okay. One day at a time is how this all goes, and that is the best we can ask for. 

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