Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pics of the Van

The photos below are: cat kit for when they travel in the van, my desk that can be used behind the passenger seat or from the drivers seat, compass that clips to dogs leashes, o2 cool fan, entire filing system, right side of van with bag mentioned below with blankets, feline pine litter for cats in basket, water jug, and bed roll in middle that is rolled up either direction, left side of van with container of things like kitchen items, lighting, batteries, jewelry, ect. and bag on top with more blankets, clothes ect, straight talk card for communications, tire gage, water jug and wipes. Not pictured is the hygeine kit that fits in a bigger carry bag with towels, face washers, and flip flops.
The van is constantly evolving. More things to come but this is the coziest set up so far. I still have room for my 3 other bins that are in the room. At this point I am looking for a workamping position and then a travel trailer (will get prior to leaving with current job)

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