Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I visited wal mart the other day for their 4th of july sale. i got a new water container that holds 7 gallons and a camping blanket that folds up into a purse. I also bought some plastic top material storage containers. These stand well in the van. I put my blankets sheets tarps and pillows in them. They can also be stacked to form a couch. I personally stand them up and they come down for easy opening along the wall of the van like giant garbage bags -:). They really expand storage as they are not rigid besides being cheaper and lighter

The 7 gallon jug increases the time between fill ups and is still light enough to carry. I plan to add a hand pump system and a small counter with sink and 1 burner removable propane stove. 

The Van

House living seems to feel like I am suffocating, stationary, stuck. In the van its like a cacoon, its mine, and it has wheels. Sure there are risks but so does a house have its risks. I own less and so have to reach out to achieve those things but after sleeping in a house last night, I remember how comfortable and more secure I feel in the van.
I am not homeless,
I simply choose:
to live in a van, my home, my abode,
that can go where I want to go,
where my dreams can come true,
where life makes sense,
things are small,
life is large,
I am not homeless.
I merely choose:
a home on wheels,
that can move, travel,
a nomad on wheels,
thats my van,
the dreamer, the betsy, the minivan,
the everything, I am not homeless, I just live in a van.

I am self sufficient, reliant, safe, explorative, creative,
and can design what I own as I choose. Its my home.
 It changes scenery and landscape often, it gets tired, and we move.
We move onward and upward.
I am not homeless, just vanfull, my home on wheels.


  1. Are your jugs plastic? I want to find something metal or glass so I don't have to worry about the plastic heating and leeching chemicals into my water.

  2. Yes my jugs are plastic. BPA free 7 gallons from wal mart. I don't keep glass as I am clumsy and if it broke in the van, that would be a night mirror for me and the cats. Metal wouldn't be too bad provided there was a way to keep it from the temperature extremes. I wonder how insulation would do over metal.