Monday, October 4, 2010

Relaxing- what is Nomadism and Inner Peace

There has been some discussion on some of the e lists I am on as to loneliness and dealing with emotions on the road.
I believe the beauty of being a nomad is that you can choose how much or little you want to participate in main stream society, you can choose to rent a cabin in the woods for the winter or visit Quartzite to gather with other nomads, or choose to visit family and friends on a rotational basis. Its your life, what you do with it is completely up to you. When you live in a mobile dwelling, your home is with you and you can choose to move on when one situation grows old or the wonderlust kicks in. If there are underlying issues those are going to be with you wherever you go, and its best to seek help when help is needed. So you aren't going to be anymore lonely than you would in a house, just with a bit more money and options for adventure and travel (depending on your financial decisions).

Personally, I love this lifestyle. I don't like stagnant situations and hate commitment for the long term. I believe in fate and the old Roma had a few things figured out, like traveling and working can go hand it hand. Its possible to have medical, a common language, and raise families on the road with a trade just as much as the next person. Now if tribes from 2000 years ago could make it work, in todays modern era, with technology, we can write emails and make phone calls from all over the globe, we can mail packages in record speeds and upload photos and stories and work projects via the internet in a matter of minutes.

Humans have been hunters and gatherers for years and so its no surprise that some of us continue on in our own way. A true freedom. Money has been mankinds down fall in many situations. So as a secondary to that, there has been a calling for many to live off grid and thats good too. There are those who want to be one with nature and find peace and tranquility in it wandering from place to place and others that want to cultivate the land. I personally don't like gardening but prefer to travel with occasional longer stays in more conventional housing.

There is also the discussion on what makes a Nomad. There are some who move in a geographic area every few years to see a different neighborhood but remain tied to family and a job and travel here and there. This is your camper.
There are those who live a semi mobile lifestyle either sharing conventional and mobile housing while enjoying but frequently going from place to place in a given area, this is the sporadic geo nomad.
 Then there is the full time geo nomad.
Then the traveler who lives like a Spartan at home and travels for the rest of the year and finally your full time traveler. Full time international travel with constant movement is not sustainable so this is where vacations come in. Point being wherever we all come in, we take time out to smell the flowers and enjoy life while we can. Nomadism is as much physical as a mental state that leads to exploration. Many will say that one local traveler isn't a nomad or something along those lines, but who are we to create the lines.

Inner peace is only achieved through self realization, breaking free from others expectations, taking care of ourselves to help others, and dealing with any issues that hold us back from true happiness. Movement aka exercise (hate that word though) and getting oxygen to the brain does wonders for mood issues and is just a start.

Good luck in all your adventures. I am chillin with the cat in an apartment for the winter while I enjoy some winter adventures with the new spaceship and getting some money saved up for next year. Loving the new job while remaining very part time at the other one. Its very time consuming so its a veg winter with some local trips planned. I wasn't planning on apartment dwelling but its practical for now even though I have loved van dwelling for the past few months. The price is good, the room warm and the cat is comfy and the van ready for the next jaunt. Now the furnishings are spartan as I multi use van and apartment but its comfy.

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