Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here is a quick update. I am in school full time as planned, got my apartment, and thansgiving went well. Ajah and I just chilled and had a visit from some friends, it was good. I am close to the bus, walmart, and other places. No tv, or internet at the moment except my phone, which provides email access as needed. I am working on getting a new van in Jan, and assuming a role of responsibility in a Roman micronation that I am part of. Its been quiet, but busy. The apartment is furnished now with a Queen bed, 2 small rugs, 2 tv trays, and a camp chair. I ordered 2 pieces of art as well, namely the Lararium of the Vetti, and the Millenium Tree of Life, a modern art piece. Its still set up as a studio as the spare room is where Ajah looks out the window and where company can stay with the foam chair to bed or air mattress from the van.
I have an awesome breakfast nook and small kitchen with pantry that is really full. I have bee staying home, taking walks, and focusing on school. Apartment is fully tiled and easy to clean with a bathtub, shower, full vanity, and walk in closet. 650 sq ft feela huge, but its cozy. So tuat is the update for now, with Saturnalia around the corner, friends coming in again, life is good so far. Not much blogworthy at the momet, and looking forward to getting on the road again. I will post pica as soon as I can.

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