Monday, October 31, 2011

A bicycle

IF, and thats a big IF, things work out tomorrow, then I will be getting Ajah from boarding on Wed and moving tomorrow. Then I will be getting a bike. After working out that Ajah does great on plane rides, does her usual walking bit, and gets along with people; I am considering taking her on a bike, YES a real bicycle. She has walked, sat on my bookbag, attended cat shows, been in a carrier of every sort, and the carrier I had for her on the plane could sit on the back quite nicely, or a front basket. There is a holistic vet down the road, the bus is noisy, and filled with curious people. It wasn't a bad experience, but the bike could be just as fast, and give her some fresh air.

The apartment I am looking at is .25 miles from a bus stop that runs hourly. The other is about 3/4 miles to a 15 min bus, and so having a bike makes sense. Besides the fact, I could easily fit everything I took on the plane, plus most of my 2 boxes being packed (has my camping gear mostly) on a bike. Add a bike trailer and it would all fit just snazzy (including the cat). Yes, I am considering a small bicycle tour with the cat in tow (a weekend to start). Wonderlust is there, but its not financially possible to get a van right now, and I have grown to enjoy biking since being car free for the past few months.

Then, when I do get a van, it will easily fit the bike on the back or in the van, have room for my cat, and my stuff. I am also investing in furniture that can travel, but still look civilized, and follow my minimalistic preferences. I do need one a duffel and medium wheeled bag for future shipping of stuff, instead of the two boxes they keep getting shipped in. Aside from that, the two duffels that travel now can fit in ortlieb bags and that could work well. 

So, furniture being looked at, a camping table with cloth, and a camping chair with a good pillow for cushion. Then a convertible foam chair to bed with some collaspible dinner trays, and a nice futon (that can hang out in a friends garage). Then, I was thinking on building a box for the foam as a bed type contraption, with room to store luggage and a basket.

For Ajah, I am going to put a pvc tube around the camp table and glue/staple sisal rope to it, in addition to her door hanging scratcher I brought along, and cardboard scratcher. It will be very lightweight, cheap, but yet sustainable and easy to move stuff, and clean under. I am hoping the bed contraption, or at least the wood used can be used in the van.

Only thing is that the van will be a class B or C, or a trailer because I need facilities, and am not mechanically inclined..... And so that is the update for now.

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