Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some pics

Here are some pics of the old rotor and the new rotors that were installed on the van. Thats my dad holding them. Its amazing they have lasted over 10 years. Bottom left is the inside of the van with just the bedding, my trusty chair, hygiene kit, paperwork. 5 day cooler and clothes are in the front. The bottom right is a picture of the cats "go" pack. The bag has nail trimmers, brush, q tips, food, small litter pack, waterless shampoo, food and water dishes, paperwork and water bottle. Underneath is one of my fleece blankets that in the winter go into the carrier. Tile goes in the carrier in the summer with a piddle pad in back although we don't travel much in the summer, too hot. Both have a pack of their own. 
In other news, visited rental room today and cleared out 2 more garbage bags of stuff. 1 to trash and 1 to charity. More to go. But good for now. The posts have been long today as I took everything out of the van today and went through that as well. Went from 3 bins to 1.
Also, waiting for Eclipse at 12 01. I have to work tomorrow, I must be nuts but I have been waiting for this for a LONG time.

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