Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After being homeless for a week and dealing with the constant stress of parking, I am now good to go staying an hour north of tucson. I attempted to go to school but the traffic was too much for my van, she started to overheat so I found a park and ride that is much closer. And for a three dollar day pass is easier on the wallet. The time takes about the same either way but I can do my errands all day.
Last night I went to class and got some work done but before I drive back north, I wanted another day to actually get ahead and focus. So I parked close to my ride park spot and got another day pass.
Hopefully today I can get a full day in and get caught up with my homework. I got last weeks done and it took me 2 hours. 4 hours today and I will have next weeks done.
Vandwelling has its benefits. I was able to park, ride the bus, sleep, wake up and get on the bus today. I didn't have to drive back to the Boondocks and waste my gas.
I also love sprouts and got some tofurkey and vegan ice cream which has lasted me today and yesterday thankfully. One lesson, don't drink diet coke before bed. It makes for an mp3 late night lol

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