Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A pic of Texas Canyon, AZ outside of Benson AZ and the above pic is a field in CO. I took some more and thank you to my readers for patience. My internet signal is normally weak and my phone says it sends pics to my blog but it hasn't worked yet. I have also spent a good deal of time on schoolwork and studying.

I have been staying northeast of Tucson between Tucson and Globe. Apparently Oracle (which I am staying near) is the 2nd most dangerous drive according to my host who has been awesome. Still waiting on my VA to come through, they say July it starts coming in and I can't wait. And of course I can't find my debit card at the moment.

Anyways, there is an awesome bagel shop in Oro Valley AZ called Einstein Brothers. If you get a chance to eat here, enjoy. They have great customer service, are part of the Starbucks drive through and the place in a great environment with 1 dollar bagels. I added honey to my wheat today and had some pb crackers this morning. The numbers are in, since becoming veg, I have lost 13 lbs so far that have stayed off. Keep in mind the numbers vary, but that's without much other effort. I am hoping to start training for a marathon after a working gig in MT and then start school again in Jan.

So I drive in to the outer north edge of Oro Valley to get on the bus (one of the best in the nation) and ride to school from there. A day pass is 3 dollars and I do it one to two times a week. With traffic and gas and wear and tear plus no AC in my van and the sensor telling the radiator fan being non functional, its nice to not have to worry about overheating. Once I get my money, the van gets fixed and then I am debating between getting a trailer now or waiting until after I get done in MT so I have more money and the MT drive won't have the gas mileage loss.

I think the trailer so its not tied to mechanical repairs wins, I can keep my current van and have a nice home for me and the cats that can be parked but I like front to back access so a bigger conversion van is also a consideration. Whatever I choose must have AC, heat and room for me and the cats whom I miss.

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