Monday, June 6, 2011

okay so not sure what I have posted so here it goes. I got to Tucson on the 18th and it was good until the van gave me a scare. so I finally got to Tucson, and got a rental room. Long story short, I paid for a month with deposit. He kept my money, no lock on the door, and attempted some other things not found here. I then found out he was a felon with a drug problem. and I got evicted bc he wanted more money. I then vacated and spent the night with the neighbor of craziness. then 4 nights of homeless stealthing it, dealing with the heat, ride the bus a long time and counterproductive to school. Then I posted on vandwellers as I had called several agencies and shelters asking if I could park there. walmart is even a no go. So someone here offered and its been a real treat. I have a bed now, not quite done yet but for now. Its more comfortable being on a bed but I will be dumping the mattress and sticking to my sleeping roll. It doesn't look as spacious and head room not so much. But I can store some bags under the platform and around it. I am going to narrow the bed as well as its a bit wide for the space. Shucks, I liked the stealth on the floor, easier to move and get around especially getting dressed. But the bed is still nice so its give and get. I am debating yet and will give it some time and we shall see.

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