Saturday, July 16, 2011

its been a while apparently

I have written several updates from my phone but apparently my phone has decided otherwise. So I will attempt to do a brief update here. I am still in the Tucson area for another semester so it looks like. My van has water mixing with the oil and the engine is knocking again. I went to phoenix last weekend and it went well. I met some friends, and explored the area. The van was awesome on my five day excursion. Then I got an interview, the van overheated and didn't do well with the steep grades. I drove back slowly and the brake max in Catalina AZ gace me the bad news. I am now staying in this van for now and will be looking for a b or c in the near future.

I was going to move to phoenix but it just wasn't in the fates at this point. That will be forthcoming and then nm but that has to wait until the timing is right. I met some fellow citizens of NovaRoma in Phoenix, attended a cat show, did some hiking and all was good. Also, I graduate Dec 2013 and time is really flyong. There are just more resources pyhsically and spiritually in phoenix but this isn't a bad situation either.

I am almost through lost the series with my housemate and we started dirty sexy money as well. Before the van pulled its latest number I ordered an archos 101 tablet from ebay and downloaded the marketplace which is what I am typing to you from now. Its been wonderful so far for the two days I have had it. It won't replace my netbook as I had hoped but it does do a lot so i get to enjoy the battery life and portability of this device. I also bought a sony walkman media player that is 8 gig. So now in addition to the netbook and cell, i have more entertainment options. Battery life was my biggest issue now solved.
So there is update and the two cats are still doing well at dads.

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