Wednesday, July 27, 2011

whats happening now

So things have been pretty quiet around here. I am getting ready to move my parking spot to a place closer to school. Right now I am 45 miles from city limits so I drive toward the city and take the bus. There is only a 15 minute difference and I don't have to drive at night this way which is good because I don't like driving at night in the mountains. I found one potential spot and if not I may have to get a room because gas is to expensive this way and for 37 dollars I would be able to do my errands. I prefer the van as my bedroom. It keeps the clutter to a mimimum and now that the weather is cooling off, Ajah is a possibility. I am still working out the dynamics. But thats a bit out as its to hot to ship her and I have to go home to get her because she needs a health certificate and specific crate. In my absence my other girl has gone more feral and will be rehomed so I just have one cat. Two just won't work in my small van and towing isn't an option right now. I dont want to put anymore strain on my van than it has and finances dictate staying as is for right now. So far I have been vandwelling for almost 2 months. Its crazy really but its been fun. Time wiill tell if the van or a room win out considering proximity to school and the cat.
In other news I am in a coffee shop charging my tablet and cell phone, checking email and typing this. Then its back on the bus to school for my first exam. Then 2 more on monday and tuesday. Its been a slightly stressful week with trying to find living space for now, dealing with drama and general life. Next semester I am taking 2 classes online and 2 in person. Not being particularly thrilled with the one I just took online, I have high hopes this semester will be better. There are two classes I need for my major and 2 general required classes so I will feel more balanced. I took regular classes this semester which was the final of being a freshmen so effective august I will be a sophomore and then 3 more a junior and you get the idea.

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