Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally Getting Things Done

Its been an interesting week so far. Last Wednesday, I took an exam for school; visited the mall, saw a movie and updated/played on my archos. My laptop now is strictly used for school and major typing assignments. I use the archos 101 for games, entertainment, ebooks, general web searches, news and movies. My Sony mp3 player is pretty nifty.

I forgot how much I missed FM radio until I started playing this one. It's nice listening to NPR and public radio programs as well as modern Christian music (Tucson the Air and in Toledo there is KLOVE and 89.3) and old bluegrass shows on country channels. And on occasion I enjoy some songs in Spanish which has taught me a few words in Spanish besides the residents of Tucson in general conversation (things like going to the laundry mat or going out to eat for a green chile burrito).

When you live in a van in the desert parked in someones yard, having background noise and listening to the news makes life a little more normal. That's one thing in house dwelling I missed was reading the paper and not having a second battery made the little life in my laptop very limited. But now that I have the archos, I can enjoy a big colorful touch screen to see the news and play games or read an ebook before bed. Some say its a complete waste of money for the technological goodies, but the battery life and thus portability of these objects makes them like mini communication devices to the world I left behind. There are days I really miss that world, a normal job, an apt AND a van to choose from and my pets.

But I am getting a degree that will hopefully allow me to get a better paying job and allow some personal growth time. It's kind of crazy really, sleeping in a van every night, communing with like minds, and playing with everyone elses pets in an attempt to deal with the hole that my cats belong in.

So I am looking at both rental options that are affordable and campgrounds that are reasonably priced which is next weeks little quest after finals on Tuesday. My plan is on the 15th to have a rental room and by Christmas to have my cats here. I had planned on an RV but the funds just aren't there. The trip here was expensive in gas alone and that's going to take some time to build back up. Plus I ventured to Phoenix but car troubles will take some time to deal with.

And so now its a slightly awkward situation but not a bad one. Today we had dinner with my hosts neighbor, I played with the dogs and engaged in study for exams. Tomorrow is pretty much the same. And Monday is pay day for the month so the fun begins.

Anyways, the battery on my laptop is going to die and after many hours of studying, its time to get to a game of jewels on the archos.

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