Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am still in Ohio for another few weeks. Getting things sorted out has been a challenge, but not an impossible one. Its been pretty calm and orderly for the past week since my computer is now fixed and I get to cuddle with my felines. Anyways, above is a picture of Mammoth AZ and one of Pikes Peak, AZ. That is my former van that has made it the past year. I do miss the old gal, but she has a new owner that is using her for local transportation.
It would be great to say I have gotten out, but between school and general tasks, I have been neglectful. It's the standard house that suctions the will to get out right out. My bike has been good for transportation and saving money. I have been working to get my stuff down to 2 bags and one purse so that everything can fit on my bike. Its a good experiment for exploring bike touring, keeping the weight down for international travel and flying, as well as staying mobile.
With that, the tortie Julia that I originally took in as a foster has been fighting with my older girl. I have made considerable efforts to remedy the situation, but it hasn't been working, so Ajah gets to be an only cat again. I found a home with a neighbor where Julia can be an only cat in a quiet stable environment. So I will be reorganizing the cat items. I found a sturditote carrier that folds flat and fits in the front of my backpack, along with a sturdibox (portable litter box) and portable AKC brand food and water dishes. All of that fits
nicely together and Ajah can travel with her stuff, and I with mine. The tote will fit in the car, on the bike, plane or hiking. Its a winner. I have been selling off some of the old cat stuff to downsize even more. 
My laptop was dead for a while, and is now back in order; tablet in order, and MP3 ready. 

Five weeks until the plane ride to Tucson for school, then onto Phoenix for next semester, and beyond that, who knows. A new bike and everything will be in order. A car is still a work in progress, but the tarp tent and bike are going to be the next phase for now. Coupled with college, it should be a good blend of traveling and studying without the expense of a car for now. Taking into account the cross country back and forth factors, and then professional relocation or international travel, this seems like a reasonable plan. However, if a good cheap RV were to come my way, I would happily live in an RV park. But, one thing at a time, one day at a time, and onto the future life moves.

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