Tuesday, September 6, 2011

thoughts and plans

I have been doing sone thinking.The first is when I get done with school, what then? The other involves changing tne van description in the top header. However, at the request of a reader, here is an update of all that has happened and where I would like to go.
On April 11th, 2011, I did my last day at work. On May 8th,the journey to Colorado and then Az began. May 18th was arrival day to Az. 3 months there for college and my van died. I flew home a few weeks ago to Ohio area where I am back with my 2 cats and very small 288 sq ft apt that feels like a mansion compared to the van which I miss.

Hkwever, now that I have been on my bike living the car free lifestyle, there isnt a rush to buy another money pit. I will be heading back to Az at the end of Oct for end of semester business and to register for next semester. Whether Tucson or Pheonix will prevail renains to be seen. Both have transportation options so I wont be stressing over that at this point. It is likely with emissions which I fully support that a car bought in ohio wont pass Az and I will be going back and forth for another year, so I might as well wait.

I also have an incredible desire to see the world which is only 2 years away. I plan to teach English as a second language at that point and perhaps start putting more photos with the blogs here. I used to design web sites and have been considering that as a sjde job and persuing house sitting. Everything changes and a dicussion with family yesterday indeed saw that they found me to be a free spirit which is true.

So I am finishing up things here and will be working to sell the final few things I don't need to prepare for the next adventure. Some of us just don't like commitment and perhaps it manifests in every part of life but sometimes it works out best this way, the not knowing.

In technology, my laptop is back thanks to a shadow copy and school is underway. I also discovered evernote and pc suite for nokia.

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