Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lost the series and Fate will have its way

I have been on the hunt in the Tucson area for a workable solution for both electricity, a safe space, electrical hookups with AC and the money to bring my cello here not to mention getting my cats here. I figured a cargo trailer. However, the financials due to a series of events that are mostly talked about in this blog hasn't been great.
As it stands, after a rough first month, I found a parking spot, have been vandwelling, enjoying the awesome nature, breathtaking mountains, stars so close you can touch them and open space that has been spiritually fufilling. I am thankful to a host for the past 2 months but its time for her to set off on her own adventure. I will miss her company, the dogs and the many other things one can learn to appreciate in 2 months time. But it is likely I will meet many more souls in this wonderful community.

Living in a minivan has been interesting but not having my cats just isn't working. Their current residence was never meant to be a long term option. And so I have enjoyed 3 months or gorgeous sunshine, dry heat, and all that entails as well as enough trials to sink many battleships. I am glad I took this trip and plan to return as soon as I get a few things in order back in Ohio. Those things are getting an actual conversion van or small RV or Jeep and trailer, learning my systems, saving more money, putting in more prep work and getting my cats involved as much as possible. I will be parked where the cats are located with electric hookups, they can start sleeping with me then. It will be good socialization for them, getting used to the details and when change occurs, it should be easier. I don't know how this experiment will work for the younger one but its worth a shot.

I will be part time in the house and part time in the van. Also, I will be continuing a distance arrangement with school mostly online for the next 3 to 6 months. Hopefully by spring things will look normal and I can relocate again. However, there is also family stuff that is important to be around for. So lessons learned for this trip and now the return trip starting on Saturday. I will share my travels and they will be a different path this time around. I don't know the details quite yet as I am searching for the flatest land to cross with that equals the least amount of miles. Beyond that, life continues as it has been and there isn't much more to say.

However, one activity I enjoy in my current spot is netflix. We have watched the Lost series and got to the finale tonight. I balled my eyes out especially in The entire finale was overwhelming and beautiful. Jack and Kate, James and Juliet, John forgiving Ben, Hugo giving Ben a second chance, seeing Claire, the baby, Hurley, Charlie, Sayid and the girl of his dreams, Desmond, Penelopi, Rose and Bernard. I wonder about many of the other characters like Walt and his father, was the dog really deceased with the people, and the plane flying overhead in the end. I do like the idea that those on oceanic flight 815 created this place to meet up in the end, find closure and move on. Its also interesting that each character represents a philosopher. The Bad Robot productions were awesome. There is a new series coming out by them as well as a movie heading for theatres, both of which I will catch up at some point. I have lost a general desire to watch conventional tv, but I do enjoy the radio and watching things in a row without commercials. There are several other series we are toying with on netflix and I will catch up on them in the next 3 to 6 months when I park in OH. Dirty Sexy Money and Dead Like Me are amongst them.
So to another part of the journey of life I contend. Had I prepped better, this trip wouldn't be needed but its nice to visit the family. I don't have plans to stay permanent but I do enjoy a slower pace of travel and a change of scenery. Although I need to be in Phoenix for a conventus with Nova Roma and then onto QuArtzite later in the year.

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