Tuesday, August 9, 2011

another update

Hi everyone,
Iam sitting in a bagel shop on my final night in Tucson for now... I left Mammoth at about 3 pm and got to the bagel shop a few hours ago. I am enjoying some relaxing 88.1 fm Christian music and charging my tablet at this time. I wanted to update my blog because the next few days will be bust. My flight leaves in the morning. The van was sold to a local person for cheap. NowI am flying back to OH for a bit to tie up some loose ends, get my cats and a new vehicle to take me on the next phase of lifes journey. Its hard to believe as crazy as this adventure has been how much i will miss it. In the spring, I will embark on a ne journey to attend school in person again. From there, things will change. I have also decided to either work as a roving contract counselor or do some tesol training overseas and then reaume life here. My wanderlust is less crazy but still don't want to corner myself.
Also, I bought a few items to protect my electronics in transit. A case for the laptop and a Case for the mp3 player, screen protector and portable speaker. The tablet is still a winner for many things, mp3 player with fm radio is a big boost, and the laptop for school. In genral, plane with clothes and elctronics tells me international travel is vert doable. And shipping isnt as crazy as i thought it would.

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