Thursday, August 25, 2011

last post spoke too soon

So the last post I spoke to soon. I upgraded to windows home premium. It wasn't the one that upgrades the starter package on acer aspire one netbooks. It  deleted my windows files and replaced it with some operating system that has no standard windows programs. Furthermore, its a netbook so it didn't come with a rescue disk. I did regularly back up my computer on an external HD. I haven't gotten it to work. And because I did  the update wirelessly, it erased all my drivers. I am at a standstill ;on school although I am learning more about my tablet as it has to substitute for the online classes. It has performed well so far but my computer is no good for opening up the ebook and doing the assignment for the computer class. Going to an internet cafe isn't practical because I don't have a car and transportation is questionable at best.,

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