Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life is Beautiful and what is normal?

Life is everywhere, its like everything has a soul in one sense or another, even if its our attachment to an object. I can't say life is all a bed of roses but everytime I see my cats glee at my homecoming, a calm lake and a BBQ with all the space in the world, life looks pretty good. Maybe we have all gotten so far from the outdoors that its taking our humanity from us.

Since considering van dwelling a few things have happened: I was a typical couch potato before and now instead of where is the nearest AC, I head for the lake. Instead of going to pick up fast food, I head for a BBQ and aldis. I actually see life for its ups and downs and enjoy those ups and downs. I used to be Bi polar and still am, but I let nature be my medicine, its cheaper, healthier and more gratifying. Happiness is not about looks, money or who likes who, its about how you feel about you.

Money does not buy happiness, yes money makes life easier but it tends to equal laziness. Sometimes the best moments in life are figuring out how to survive: after all inventions are made this way.
Objects are just that, objects. There are things we are attached to but if it keeps us so grounded we refuse to follow our dreams, it isn't worth keeping. Take a picture and move on. Sometimes leaving the ground and letting your mind soar makes those dreams come true or at least a little closer.

Its funny coming from someone that was an only child, a couch potato and a product of conventional schooling that is a fan of inspirational education, keeping that which is useful and living life instead of watching it go by.

Only goes to show, take the past, learn and move on. As Marya Hornbacher says in her book Wasted, "just ... deal." Basically living in a world of I can't is so much more dramatic and feel sorry for self than dealing with life. Things like doing the dishes, laundry, ect actually take on a hugh of excitement when looked at from this perspective. And being a van dweller, these things require more creativity to accomplish.
Thanks for reading, stay well, and go outside.

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