Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel Trailers

So today it has been REALLY hot again. I didn't want to use the gas, so I hung out and surfed the web today. I am looking for travel trailers under 1800 lbs that my car and van can both haul as I want to stay at the campground by the beach so I don't have to use the gas to get there daily.

So travel trailer or motorized RV? The van is like an RV, I want to keep the van with me, and use it as a daily driver. However, I can't stand in the van or take a real shower and I need something that is easy to haul, not a fortune in gas and will house the cats and dogs when I go on vacation and is climate controlled. It has to look nice as well and stand up to winters in the midwest. I would also like to do some workamping next year. I do like the Winnebago Rialta Class B but the graphics don't lend to stealth and it requires upkeep like a car only more RV expense.

So here are the lightweight trailers on the market:
We have the tumbleweed and tiny house looking trailers, nice but not practical for my situation.
We have the teardrop that requires getting out to do cooking which isn't happening always unless I go with the Tada which isn't a bad option and its on the table. I like the Hi Lo Mojo which solves this problem although I would go all white. The price tag isn't awful either. I do seem attracted to fiberglass.

Then we have the regular travel trailers like the Burro and Casita ect. and the fiberglass egg shapes that I really love.

Then there is the Alto Safari Condo in Canada, I am in love. This has optimum space, toiletries, lightweight, and a great view. And finally the livin lite new aluminum trailers are great.

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