Friday, May 28, 2010


So lets talk minimalism, its probably been discussed on the net more than what type of gear for when nature calls, but I figured my 2 cents can't hurt either -:) So in Oct 2008 I moved from one house to a smaller house. I had soooo much stuff and couldn't find anything. I was entirely at my wits end with this factor. And when I say wits end, I meant it. I couldn't find my shampoo, keys whatever, those shoes ect. So my strategy, or lack of one, go through everything, take out what I need, put it in either the living room, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, cats stuff in their room. Everything else stayed in original boxes and was tossed to the backporch. Well, it was all on the back porch to begin with so that still looked cluttered and now between furniture (house is smaller remember) and stuff (things I thought I needed) I was more overwhelmed.

Enter lightbulb moment, in August of 2009, I decided since I was hardly home, the house took to long to clean, and I was stressed out from other personal things, I got a dumpster and took everything from the backporch, what wasn't in the donate pile (straight in the van), went. That was room one. Then I just kept going room by room for an entire week and by the end of that week, I got rid of 90 percent of my furniture, 90 percent of my stuff and could clean my house in a half hour.

I felt so happy like I got rid of junk, if I didn't use it and I didn't have a personal relationship to it (display it prominantly like a few stuffed animals, pictures and what nots) it went bye bye. I think I went from pack rat to realizing things are only baggage holding us from our dreams. Its the best idea to ever be had.

Next came the bills, I got rid of the land line, the internet, never bothered to buy a converter box (protested the government telling me I had to own one), and too this day find a more positive world without the news telling me how I should fear for my life. Don't get me wrong, I love positive news, cheerful people and activities that foster personal and emotional growth, but FOX wasn't doing that.

And finally, I looked around at a house I have and all that space, how few things, the van and what a waste having a house is. It ties a person down either through rent or mortgage, you spend all your time repairing and dumping more money into it and it doesn't go anywhere AND if you lose your job you are truly up a crick without a paddle. I decided to move and before doing so, I went through and got rid of things and could only find one garbage back to get rid of. Everything in the house plus what was in the van (house stuff consumed my sleeping space in the middle) fit in the van in one load minus furniture (2 bookshelves, entertainment stand, 1 endtable and small kitchen table) and it only covered the floor of the van with room to spare. AMAZING. And so here we are, with a bed roll for a bed in house and van, TV only I choose and things where I can find them. Very nice. The furniture isn't here yet and I am fine without it except for the entertainment stand and one bookshelf, more downsizing lol.
I will post pics of the new room setup and van shortly. And staying in 2 rooms in a house is nice. Its smaller, cozier and has internet ect without the hefty bills.


  1. I totally agree with you! So nice to find another vandwelling page. I have put a link to it on my mobile-living links page :) Also i have become a follower. Can't wait to read more, Sonja

  2. Thanks Sonja,
    I love your blog and have been following for a while. Love your van too -:) Thanks for adding me to the links, I will add you to mine as well! Your blog is a great resource for newbies. Love reading it and love the pics.