Saturday, May 29, 2010

Livin Lite Trailers

In my search of every type of RV on the market, I have drawn a favorite brand in the crowd. We have the Livin Lite line up. is a hybrid trailer that is both a toy hauler, has pop out screened beds (in some) and all the furnishings of an RV (beds, gray water and black water tanks ect). And its light weight.

Next is the trailer which is very awesome. I could envision the toy hauler with a bike, motorcycle and kayak as well as a mobile office. And at a campground on a nice summer night, put the screens up and enjoy a cool breeze. My only concern with awning is my preference for AC and the cats claws.

Then there is the awesome trailer, thats lightweight enough my car could haul it (although the van would) and provide the standing room and shower and parkable home for those times when visiting relatives on extended stay, needing a trailer park or RV park for extended employment reasons or wanting to boondock with the cats with more room. I would love to workamp and I can see it happening in a van as I basically do so but a trailer adds the rental room that I would then own. And at 11 feet its a good size and wouldn't be too hard to haul around, plus the off road package makes it even more attractive. Mainly, lets face it, there are times when its too hot or cold and life still holds us somewhere for whatever reason, and those hook ups are nice.

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