Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At work, the bennies of everything I own in a van

So today I worked a long day at work (fewer days, more long days = more days off and less gas) and I needed a nap. So what is one to do, pop the back hatch far enough open to get a breeze but not enough to attract attention. I moved Betsy to the back shaded area of the parking lot, turned her off, opened the hatch, tested the breeze, set the alarm on my phone and snoozed for a glorious 1/2 hour lunch break 2 times and before leaving for my night parking spot. Worked out well I must admit. It makes the hunt for a trailer less intense. Granted, mini van living is small, but doable and so compact. During my breaks I walked the parking lot. Good day overall. I have contemplated what to do with my useless breaks and today they proved their worth.

Tonight I have gotten off work, visited family, checked email and will head back to my cozy breezy van tonight. Its comfortable to me. I spent the night at families the other night and couldn't sleep, and yet I sleep soundly in the van. Its crazy really especially with 2 cats one would find it crowded, but I find it cozy. Hopefully it won't be muggy tonight. Last night wasn't so comfy.

No more work until thursday. I want to take a long stroll to the beach and meditate and get some sun tomorrow. I am going to be working more this summer (continuation of doubles) and saving up money for the winter. Winter should be interesting. Next week we will be putting the fantastic vent in and I have a little buddy heater as well as several o2 cool fans.

Its funny in 2006 I lived with cable, high speed internet, AC, and a huge house. In 2008, I got a smaller house and in 2010 I moved into a van. Talk about a change.

So it is possible:
to live without a landline, cable, high speed internet, huge amounts of useless vertical space, high utility bills, washer/dryer/dishwasher/microwave and clutter.
to live with everything you need and want organized, valued and easy to find. To have a cell phone, insurance payment, propane, fuel for vehicle, and the laundry mat as your bills. Add food and recreation as needed.
to live with pets who have an entire house to a van, to some this is cruel, to some it is close, I prefer the latter.
It is possible to live on under a 1000 a month as a single person, to have a job and live in a van, and to create networks to keep that which is close (cats in my case) and enjoy a greater social life.

Not everyone needs to know or knows I live in a van, but I am still me. I am not homeless, I live on wheels, choose my neighbors and go as I choose. My pets enjoy a greater social life and I enjoy a greater peace, less rushed, less expensive, more eco friendly lifestyle.

I have bi polar and clutter is a huge problem, van dwelling solved this. I used to want money and things, and had those things and realized they are in fact useless. Money doesn't know love or immortality. It has its value, but it doesn't make my life, it simply gives me the opportunity to access more creature comforts.

Here are a few other do withouts: you can go without washing your hair, do laundry at a laundry mat or paying for parking.

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