Sunday, June 27, 2010

An interesting project

So today was an interesting day. Thanks to the van dweller list and some individual help, I got new rotors, calipers and pads on my front brakes. No more soggy brakes or chunking noises. The caliper on the back right still needs replaced but its not in bad condition and no brake fluid is draining so for now we are good.

I can't believe I actually did my own brakes with some help on the bleeding from a family member and the coaching of a fellow van dweller. Not to shabby for someone who hasn't touched grease and a year ago, probably would not have. But finances, self determination and downsizing work wonders in this area.

On top of that the move for the cats from the house to the room, they were a bit stressed as their host has dogs. Something they are relatively new too. My vet recommended feliway and it has down wonders. No more howling at night from the change in environment. I can't wait until fall when they can join the van again. By then I will have the roof vent and spare battery set up so they can join me in comfort. I can then stay in campgrounds as needed and boondock as well. Eventually hopefully by summer I will have a camper that is a more stationary homebase that can move as needed. Its an integral part of a plan but the van is good for now.

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