Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something Funny - Morning with Cats and the Wardrobe has got to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. It definitely describes a typical morning in my "home." lol. So Besty got her repairs. Now on to get the car done. I finally went and did some clothes shopping this past weekend at wal mart because in a van space is limited. I choose to do 2 loads a week and well, its hard on my clothes, so less is truly more. So lets talk about what's in the wardrobe.

We have 2 pairs sneakers, flip flops, adidas slip ons, crocks for work, dressy flats and heels and hiking boots.
14 pairs of various style stretchy pants so they unwrinkle quickly, dry quickly, and can withstand several washes.
14 t shirts of various designs, sleeve lengths and materials, made to look nice and withstand the elements but also unwrinkle quickly.

Then we have the winter storage kept in a space saver bag. We have the parka, liner (regular coat for normal season and very warm as a stand a lone), alpaca scarf, socks and beanie (bought at a cat show, well worth the money) as well as a tote of wal mart 3 dollar rolled fabric blankets for the cats, for me, seat liners, multi use...

Clothes as a van dweller are like everything else, you will go through them quicker, have less and go harder on them due to enjoying the great outdoors more often. I would rather live life than watch it go by.

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