Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dog and Cat Gear and some website links

http://www.backcountryk9.com/ has tons of stuff that is made for dogs, camping, and the outdoors. Tippy is currently learning to play frisbee and some suggested backpacking which we will start in a few months. Tippy is a border collie mixed with husky we are told. So far all we see is short hair, black and white, huge high ears and a very high drive, all we see is border collie! This is a dog that can run under the chairs in the kitchen and around furniture like she is in an agility trial. She is incredibly smart, sometimes to much for her or our good. She lives with my dad and I see her quite often and take her camping and for walks quite often. The cats live part time with me based on the weather and part time at the rental room.

So some gear that is great so far, the http://www.backcountryk9.com/208/0/Products.aspx Cooling Pad has been nice, get it wet, put it in the kennel and helps keep the dog cool in the hot weather. Add a fan, water, ice and a chew bone and we are set to go. The cats love this pad in their carrier as well and if we are camped, they have a portable pop up it goes in. Another cooling idea that we have (pics forthcoming) tile glued onto a wood platform as tile is cooler than other flooring. Then if its really hot, the o2 fan goes over ice to create a nice breeze.

http://www.sturdiproducts.com/4111/xcart/home.php Sturdi Products, the finest (in our opinion) maker of portable cat carriers, show cages, flight cages, carriers, and organizer/grooming setup supplies. We use http://www.sturdiproducts.com/4111/xcart/home.php?cat=2 for our grooming setup on picnic tables so there isn't hair everywhere. The  carriers are safe and the hammock additions provide room to spread out. We keep both girls in a single each. It would be nice to have a slide out tray under the bed platform I want to built for this setup although I am still debating on the functionality of a platform.

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