Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Day

I am tuckered out at this point after a unleashing of powerful creative energy.I even got dressed up, applied for a few positions and then got a meal at BK, then sat in the parking lot of a nearby store munching and writing. I simply unleashed a few thoughts that are starting to form onto paper. More to come on that. I had plans to do some other things with a check I got and have been waiting on for over a month, but after the drive to do applications, no energy was left. But I did layout the van finally and the next vehicle I get will hopefully be a 4x4, a wee bit bigger and taller. So for now this will work for camping. I keep material posessions to what can fit in my humble abode and go from there.

I have been in the apartment now for almost a month and still find myself sleeping in the van, housing starts to feel very suffocating to say the least. Plus I notice all the space in the apartment is calling my name to add to it and clutter is like debt. Its easy to get into and ever so hard to dig out of. And not to mention transferring things from point a to b is a pain. I need a Mr Buddy heater and some propane at the top of my list. Plus working two jobs, its too big of a pain to drive to terrible far but the weather is too cold to be without heat so here we are.

In addition, I people watched today. These are not judgements or anything else, just my observations:
I saw 2 people that appeared homeless. Both were on bike with stuff stashed around their bikes. One was well groomed. One was not. I didnt speak to either of them, just watched. The one guy had a long beard and reminded me of a Hippy. He was carrying aluminum cans that he traded for groceries. He was smiling as well.

I also noticed  in this town of upper class folks with shiny cars, several old pickup trucks that threatened to not start full of cans that were being used to get groceries. Men in designer suits with rusty beaters at the store, I never fathomed to see this. It used to be those pu trucks never left driveways and were used to plow snow or what not as many people in this place have long narrow drive ways. Maybe common sense prevailed and those pu trucks are the 2nd driving vehicle for home town errands and people are recycling to make ends meet. Interesting how we all get eco conscience when the economy goes south.

With 2 pairs of pants on the mend right now and no motivation to mend them, I am considering a trip to the local thrift shop to replace the pants. They aren't expensive or one of a kind, I just hate to get rid of something that with a little TLC could be back to operational.

What do you all keep and mend that could be replaced? As a van dweller or nomad, there are some items that take on a life of their own and giving them up isn't going to happen. There are three options: learn to live with it, learn to fix it or learn to leave it and be happy for the time spent together.


  1. i recently found myself digging around the homestead looking for my grandmothers darning egg to repair a sock made by a good friend. handknit socks are definitely worthy of salvation, so it was interesting to see this post!

  2. If there is something we can repurpose or repair, we do it. With the van itself, I usually re-engineer things and try to make them better so that can go either way. We love being creative though so everything gets carefully scrutinized. I have even started saving my old guitar strings for a future project :)

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. I would agree Katie that hand knit socks especially those with personal value are worthy of salvation. Especially since I am sure with your knitting, your grandmas socks are probably very warm and well made. My grandmas doilies and afghans are like this as well.

  4. What can you make out of guitar strings? You have done an excellent job of Taj as far as making her well designed and absolutely astounding for you and Heidi-:)