Friday, October 8, 2010


I wanted to write a post about something near and dear to my heart. I have worked with different types of people in both an office setting and in a facility setting as well as organized and spoken at meetings as well as gone on "outings."

I love all people and I can accept most. There are some born with a physical or mental setback. I hesitate to call it a handicap or disability even though thats the technical term because a disability is something that people stare out, can't cope with and want to hide away from. That's been the long standing problem for years now.  People don't want to simply learn to live with differences. I have always been the nerd and short so I don't exactly conjure up images of a supermodel but I am "normal" by appearances although I will do crazy things like: eat pureed food, mix odds and ends and overlook the cover of a book so to speak. Not to say I am perfect or that I don't pass judgement, but I try not too and many folks I know can shop with a deaf person just fine even not knowing sign. Many can read lips, use communication devices or simply point.Instead of an I can't attitude, figure out I can. Now granted, this is what I do for a living and I love it but the public stares and knowing the history of treatment, its time for society to accept, integrate and humanize. Accept differences, integrate and deal with and work around and humanize all of us as one. We are each different, thats part of life. Some things we can help and some we can't.

There has been discussion in several places about rights and legalities. Well, a person who is blind or deaf or in a wheelchair can communicate and it may not be in words but in sounds. They have the right to be heard. Fluctuations of voice and facial expressions tell a lot. I hate even using the term "they" because we are all humans, part of the whole. This is just one example.

So how too act: like you would with anyone else. We have 5 senses and 2 hundred + bones, lacking movement or ability in one simply makes the others stronger.

This is also a van dwelling subject or nomad subject if you like, I prefer Roma by tradition choice, people live in houses that are really ruled by cities and governments and paid for yada yada. And the gov wants control so everyone has to be concrete to something EXCEPT its entirely against human nature to live in a single place for years on end and the economy has forced those that haven't lost their homes to stay in homes that aren't holding value. So comes the crack down on anything that can make a property value go down or someone "homeless" for lack of better term. Rent, land ownership, these are simply ways for the gov to maintain control in some manner. Judging a person because they choose to live a board something with a motor or wheels, bicycle, boat, RV, van ect is judging that person. Perhaps the next time there is a hippy hanging on your street, feel free to come say hi, offer coffee and see if you feel safe.

And for crying in the mud, if you have a problem with someone whether at work, at home or something looks strange, ask the source, you don't have to go alone, but odds are, things will smooth over nicer, and you might be meeting you new best friend or heard the best story ever.


  1. Definitely a great post! Thanks for putting it out there!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Thanks Mike and Heidi! Perception is such an powerful force but when used correctly can be such a positive influence.