Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So I am back at my 280 sq ft apartment this evening. With the kitten, I had to go about getting out my kitten stuff which was stored in a corner from Ajahs kitten hood (think 4 years and 3 stix and brix moves) and moving all my stuff around so I am feeling a bit cluttered for the moment. Its like my system needs completely revamped. Of course,  the van is good as my layout isn't really different with the new addition so this post will focus on the apartment.

However, I have had my basic system is every place I stay or move, I simply pack my like items the same each time and unpack in each new place in the same order. I learned that skill in the military. There is the pet, clothes/shoes, kitchen, bedding, toiletries and towels, music, tech/entertainment, and office/decoration categories. For some reason I don't tend to part with the pet stuff so I can rotate it out of my closet area so it feels new to them. (scratchers, hide a holes, boxes, toys ect) but since this move everything is pretty much as unpacked or stored. Having to pull stuff out has led to complete space chaos thus leading me to another evaluation of what comes in must send something out and looking at a new system, maybe one a little more diversified.

Living in small spaces is doable and fun if you are organized, clean up as you go and keep new items in check. 280 sq ft compared to a mini van is like a palace but I also don't go out as much as I used too. I have been working quite a bit and unlike the van where everything is right with in reach and really only often used items, the apartment affords me the option of being prepared, holding more food and working on crafts this winter. Having a shower a few feet away is also a plus.

So lets discuss organization and soon I will post pics of my living space. My space is rented from a house so I use the house bathroom but other than that, its 2 rooms on the office floor that is my kitchen, office, living room and bedroom.

My bed is on the floor and is a tri fold meaning it can double as a couch. I also have 2 bean bags and fold up chairs/tables (2) thus allowing for some company and entertaining. I use the bean bag as a seat to my office area that is an end table with a computer on it and electronics on the shelf below. The TV is next to the bed with the DVD player and the DVDs are in one binder I created while coming back from AK so I could have it on the road.

I gave up on dressers long ago as they weigh a ton, are a pain to clean and move and my rubbermaid totes do the same job, can be stored along the floor and 3 of them open up giving me an organized warddrobe or underclothes, tops and bottoms and seasonal storage clothing. Bedding storage is kept in a backpack style laundry sack.

All my books fit in 2 unused litter boxes and papers in a filing folder. The portable "office" supplies fit into a small plastic carry case.

The cat stuff fits in a carry bag, portable cat tree, and carrier plus my midwest playpen and portable shelter (made for dogs).

My point is even with that much only, the mail and misc is getting too large and its comfortable living this way. However, with working lately, I am getting a bit messy and in such a small space its just there.

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