Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Update

I haven't had a chance to post in a few days. I am working like a crazy person. The hours are too be had, the money is there and the job is good. I will take it while its there and run with it. The new kitten is doing well, she is getting fixed in a few short weeks and Ajah is getting along with her new pale. It took them about a week to learn to live together and furthermore, like each other. I really enjoyed coming home to two cats purring on either side of me and both accepting the fact I can pay attention to both. It works well. Thank you to my neighbor that has been stopping in to play with them and feed them while I work this insane schedule. Hence I won't be online for some time in between.

The van is holding up good so far (knock on wood lol), and so I can actually save up some money instead of constantly putting a few hundred in repairs. And hopefully in a year I will have my savings for 6 months, my van and trailer and ready to hit the road and try some workamping. Its much easier to work my life away when there is a goal. I have found some very interesting workamping opportunties that would let me keep the cats with me as well as have time to explore the surrounding areas and maybe hold a part time job in the area for the summer and fall and maybe into the Christmas rush, then head west on BLM land for the hard part of winter through spring to start the cycle over. I would also love to spend a summer traveling Canada through the Yukon, spend some time in Seattle and then enjoy the historical aspects of the East Coast. I have done the trip part of the above but all were so rushed, I need more time to really absorb and immerse in those areas, more like months, not days and weeks.

I would also like to take an extended trip to Russia and really experience Russia for all it has to offer. Add Rome and the old Roman empire to that list, maybe take a caravan throughout some of Europe from Rome, Italy to Britannia and the Isles via the old Roman roads to experience the trip. I feel a spiritual connection to old Rome (pre Christian era) and would like to visit some of the temples, the villas and eat the food and learn Latin. I am not into back packing post college style nor do I want to do a quick tour with tour guides, I want to experience the culture. These would be nice winter in the US trips during the non holiday times.

So I go by the term geo nomad or sporadic nomad because I settle into an area for a bit and then move onto something else. The fast paced travel without reason with a bucket list just is an extended vacation meaning spending money on un needed items, hanging in tourist areas, and going back to "something" at the end. My idea is the fun doesn't end, it just keeps going until I decide when and how I want something different. Plus my home or stuff goes with me so I am not tied to a schedule and home is with me.

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