Thursday, October 14, 2010

Computers and Time

I was on facebook the other day when it dawned on me how many people live their lives around facebook including their sleep schedules. Definitely not how I choose to spend my time. Now granted, on a rainy afternoon, I might put around farm something or nother, but its virtual not physical and if it floats your boat, great, but why not go to a coffee and meet some friends, join a book club or take the dog for a walk on occasion.

In other news, the van wipers are doing some sporadic working thing, I suspect its the motor getting hot because they will work for a while and then not at all. So tonight I got off of work and it was raining. I made it about 10 miles or so before the wipers quit working. There isn't much to be done tonight so I pulled over and crawled into my "bed" in the back and took a nap until the rain stopped and the wipers worked again. Its frustrating but sometimes we just take things in stride. I did eventually at 2 am make it back to my apartment after a nice nap in the van. And its funny because I told myself earlier that I wanted some quiet think time, well I got it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and then Friday is my birthday.

At least this all happened in my old neighborhood so safety was less of an issue and I sleep on the floor so being spotted is unlikely but not impossible. I dont plan to put anything permanent into this van and its fiberglass which is great for a lack of rust but bolting things into it isn't really an option.

So far (keeping in mind I don't own much to begin with) I have my bedroll, sleep sack and blanket/pillow that all roll up nicely in the rear. There is the rear drivers side hatch seat installed and my folding chair/table and van supplies behind the seat in the hatch area. Portable 12V cooler, coleman camp stove and milk crate of food and dishes and porti potty. I will also add a Mr Buddy heater this winter and its set. Clothes and hiking/map gear is in a bug out bag in the front seat. And thats it for now. I won't be able to add a vent due to the roof support beam dimensions.

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