Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Litter Box, living with a cat AND a kitten in a cofined space

I normally give my two felines Orijen canned food. Click Orijen for more information on this entirely organic made in Canada cat food. I have been in the Cat Fancy now for several years and have tried everything from Royal Canin to Friskies to you name it. I have fostered a large number of cats in the past 5 years and have also worked with a few pedigrees as well. I have encountered several health problems, many challenges and found great homes for ALL of the cats that have come through my doorstep. I don't mean to brag but I am glad this can occur and if I can offer any advice feel free to pass a question and its likely you know something I don't, so perhaps we can learn from each other.

Well, I ran out of the Orijen and grabbed some tinned food from the gas station, some 9Lives which the kitten had been eating outdoors prior to being captured. And sure enough the litter box reminded me why I don't feed this stuff. If you have a feline in the van or RV with you, heaven help you lol. I am glad my Tidy Cat 24/7 works well but I must admit my apartment took on the litter smell. Boy, I opened some windows and dumped the box and all is back to normal but I just wanted to share.

However, this also brings me to my next point which is about litter box holders. When I get enough money for a trailer and larger van, I will remove the passenger seat and convert it to a litter box area with and end table looking thing. The tray will slide out and the cat will enter from the back. There will be a litter mat in front, a velcro bed on top and a floor scratcher velcroed to the sides. That's my new idea. I am going to build it now because the ones on the market are really expensive, too big and very bulky. I will be sharing this progress with you. Also, wanted to mention courtesy of information found from Technomadias blog, they mentioned a portable litter pan and its amazing in theory. I am going to order one and will update here on how it works out.

My plan for this design is to be able to fit in the foot well of the front seat when the seat is removed, or when I stay somewhere like a cabin or friends, or in the shower area of the travel trailer although I absolutely want a wet bath vs a stand up shower (too small for me). It needs to be light weight probably balsa or similar material so its easily movable. Plywood is too hard to disinfect. I might also use mylar which is a plastic type substance that is non porous. Then I will be able to put the box in the portable outdoor run and not have such a mess to clean up with litter tracking. As I plan to stay in one area for a few months at a time as I don't see how my budget or finding work would allow otherwise, besides the opportunity to take it the sites and truly explore the area around me. Now I figure I will order 4 of those portable litter boxes so I don't have to move them constantly, I can have one for the trailer, one for the van, one in the emergency kit and one as a back up. They are so small folded up I can't resist.

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