Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Van

So I guess the Gods were shining down on me today lol or not, however you look at it. I have been working a lot lately to the point of being easily annoyed by the small things. I was on my way to work today and the van engine light came on and it died. So I got it towed, this vans first tow and a kind lady gave me a lift home. I had to call off work due to this issue. And of course they can't see it tomorrow as its sunday so Monday morning hopefully I will get the spaceship back. But I do get a weekend which I haven't had in 8 weeks.

I sure am glad I did laundry the other day so I am good to go there and also glad I have been keeping the van organized with my too go bag of important things in case of needing towed and then a basket with blankets, food and spare clothes so that thats easy to remove if I need too. The too go bag fits in my hobo bag, I was geared up for a walk today and with all my important stuff. The basket has stuff that if it got stolen is easy to replace, but can also be taken out easily for transfer to a different vehicle as my vehicle dwelling has mostly been nights between doubles of work, nights I need to stay in town for errands or visit family and I don't want to stay in their homes, hence more city camping than anything.

And so today I took a nap, took some neighborhood dogs for a walk, and have been organizing stuff from my last van from when I was full timing in the Dodge Caravan aka Betsy that has been hanging in the closet. I have gotten rid of some stuff and reorganized others as well as taken stock of some items that need replaced (the markers and colored pencils are looking pitiful) and I colored with my charcoal pencils today. So its been a good day. Its mostly been going through the small stuff and evaluating what I have to see where it fits. I try to go through my stuff at least once a season.

I also did something I have never done before, I had waited to do laundry so long for my pants and shirts (a week) and didn't have any clean clothes for the day so I stopped at Good will on the way to work and spent 13 dollars for a pair of pants and 4 shirts (2 long sleeved t shirts and 2 dress casual shirts). It took me all of 5 minutes to find what I was looking for, they had a 50 percent off sale, and I lost 2 pairs of pants and several tshirts this summer due to wearing out, so it was perfect timing. Since this shop is all clothes and everything is done by size and mostly by color, the staff were friendly, the clothes in good repair for the most part and my money will now go further nor will I have to go clothes shopping for a while. The long sleeved shirts will be nice for winter, the dress shirts for the forthcoming festive season, and the pants are a nice comfortable black slacks that wash and dry quickly, and are great for both being comfortable and looking nice. I have bought t shirts at garage sales and swore I would go to Good will at some point but there has been a mental block, & finally did it. I must say good job to Good will.

Thank you for the comments in the last post as it got me thinking about consumerism, and it gave me the motivation to try a second hand shop as well as save money, it worked like a charm. I also found a MP3 player at Big Lots for 24-50 dollars that will go nicely with my computer and later the laptop. And I found a 4 USB connector which will work great with a laptop, one for the camera, one for the keyboard, the mouse and then the MP3 player for charging and syncing. Now I am on the hunt for a smaller and more economical printer. Plus a flat screen for my home computer would be nice and an external hard drive that is smaller and can move between laptop and home computer would be nice. I think even in the van I will maintain my home CPU unit because I had it built the way I wanted with several slots for various size memory cards, 6 USB front ports and loaded with a variety of graphics programs that would be expensive to license to a new computer but I do have backed up on an external hard drive so  I wonder how that would work. And finally I am curious about the new wireless charging docks.

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