Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What technology has replaced

My computer and cell have replaced my phone book, several novels and tour guides/maps. Its nice to be able to have much less dust collecting items to keep track of, that are easily ruined and are hard to find and replace. I can back up anything digital and can carry a lot of "paper" on a hard drive. However, there will always be books and and maps that are kept for sentimental reasons which aren't many as some I have scanned and kept digitally.
I was considering doing pictures of my worldly posessions and sharing here as well. The goals of actual stuff are now more aligned with true travel. Given the cost of gas, I really want to travel by bike and foot more. So I have been down sizing more of my sentimental items and going digital on other things like CDs to mp3 conversions. I would also like to explore outside the US as well as work on my diet and better fitness level.

However, being minimalist, no matter how much you get rid of, stuff will find its way back and will need sorted, especially trash and the mail never seem to end although there is less trash, but junk mail is still there as well as offers from so and so. I just keep removing storage containers for stuff and force myself to go through the too large for the space provided pile until it fits. I am hoping to get down to 2 totes and 2 backpacks.

The totes or giant shoe boxes as some call them (one 16 gal and one 32 gal) will have kitchen, office and craft supplies while the backpack will contain camping and technology and the duffel bag will have the cats stuff and clothes in it. There will be a container of litter and food for the cats and an additional tote for the food. I figure the totes are for van dwelling while the backpack and duffel are for adventures from home (overseas and bike/foot excursions).

This is the plan for the future although this working all the time business is getting tiring and so keeping up with current projects is a pain let alone more to come but there always is.

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