Monday, November 15, 2010

A tour of my 2 rooms

This is Julia, the new kitten, now at 8.5 weeks old who is my new travel companion and Ajahs buddy. She is like a supermodel and loves to play, and boy is she a talker.
So I promised a tour of my apartment or 2 rooms (288 sq ft) as I share the kitchen and bathroom with a room mate and I keep my hygiene stuff with me to avoid confusion, so with out further waiting, here is the tour: (Please note this is what an apartment furnished by van dwelling looks like and I have actually grown to like it)
This is the back room. The top is the right side of the room housing the cat corner and the closet (nothing else in it) houses the litter box. The 2nd photo is looking from back to front with my 3 drawers for a variety of smaller items, mostly van items (tire pressure gauge, temp gauge ect), my jump rope, some candles and other misc items. Then there is the TV, DVD player and radio and of course the tri fold bed.
 Back right of room is clothes in the larger bin and smaller bin is entertainment.
And above is the front room closest to the entrance. This is my book and office area. The closet on this side has our camping/hiking and cat carriers as well as a few hanging items (3 dress suites). 

 This is the amount of things I have had for about 2 years now. I do have 2 folding chairs and a bean bag for sitting. I will be getting a new flat screen for the computer and a better cell phone (finally gave it on that one) for internet that can be tethered to the computer. Then a laptop with a USB TV Tuner so I can ditch the TV and have the flat screen, CPU and laptop to take care of all my entertainment needs.

I have been talking of minimalism and simply wanted to share my space with the world and maybe inspire someone else to down size, think of what they need and organize, hope you enjoyed the tour.

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