Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Top is some of the gorgeous fall leaves we are still having. Its November and we still have leaves. I can work with that. I love fall. We had a VERY hot summer, not my favorite season but fall and spring are nice. Winter is good in moderation. I prefer AK in the summer and AZ in the winter but this will do for now lol. And living out west prior I did miss Fall and the changing of the colors. After all, people drive from miles to see the leaves change and the birds migrate. Its gorgeous so I can understand why and makes for absolutely astounding photos.
And just as a treat so to speak, above is Tippy, the pup pictured in the beginnings of this blog. She lives with a relative but she visits me a lot. She prances around like a filly with her long ballet legs. Of course complete with long nose and bat ears lol. And then a picture of the two cats in the window. It was like an odd glow, so we will call them the kitty saints in a non religious term -:)

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