Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My computer is older, my phone is from wal mart and I don't check facebook every day. I still use email from yahoo and gmail and upload photos on my webs account. Now I could upgrade to a new phone but why: I pay 30 a month and still have minutes and data usage left over. My computer still has enough memory to play Empire Earth and Joan of Arc, check my email, edit my photos in photoshop and create interesting flash graphics when the mood hits me. I can still use my flash drive and small portable back up hard drive for more space if I like.

I have come to realize that technology isn't making it easier for humans to stay in touch and develop society (it does in some cases) but moreso is taking away our ability to interact with other human beings, creating a sort of hermitage and a dependence on a power source. People seem to be ruder and more impatient. Now sure I have never been patient and I do get to the point, but when I go to the grocery store, I still stand in line for a cashier because I like the interaction of hello and having a human to talk to if something isn't right. I like to ask people how their day was and will likely here a full story beyond the common formalities. Guess what: I might learn something new and you may too. How about the people in line with you? I will not support a machine ringing out my groceries and if thats the only option I have then I will leave a store.

And the day I get a cell phone or computer that I answer to all the time is the day I am divorcing it all together. My cell phone allows me to check my email and read emails from groups and friends I deem interesting, it is my yellowbook and my reminder as well as alarm clock. Yep the folks from wal mart have provided all I need for cellular service. Many of my aquaintances are pressuring me to invest in a iphone. They walk around attached to their cell phones like zombies bidding a masters commands. I actually feel like I am on an electronic leash with my phone as is. So sometimes I do turn it off, especially at night, and if someone calls, they can wait. Email is the same way, there is nothing so pressing I will stop what I am doing to check it and blogging is because I feel like it. Are you married to your phone, is it on even during work because you might miss a facebook update, do you check a text at 2 am and answer your cell even during dinner out with friends? I have gone out with friends lately and their phone has become the third wheel.

As for the computer, its great for research, note taking, internet access and occasional chatting, banking and blogging, but at no point should it be more important than human interaction. I have relatives that used to go out all the time with me and now don't want to leave over facebook games. Life is still pressing onward and your crops aren't paying you. There is a fine line between enjoyment and obsession.

So with that I feel like I spend to much time with the TV, the computer, my cell and on the internet but it isn't my ENTIRE life, so I encourage everyone to reflect on how technology is helping you and not taking up valueable time that could be spent elsewhere.


  1. I know I have been having similar thoughts lately as well. In my case, I've been thinking about our consumerism & materialism as well. Don't get me wrong, technology isn't bad in itself. I just think folks have gotten over addicted to it. There are things that have always been possible without it. Sometimes you do need to unplug. And seriously, who cares if you read a facebook post immediately or later? And if there is someone who cares, well, merde, how shallow is dat? Seriously. I almost never even check facebook and disabled notifications ages ago cause most are game spam & such.

    I've come to the conclusion that our society has forgotten that tools are there to do a job, serve a purpose, not be the purpose in and of themselves or be something that is all important to an individual. And folks really seem to forget that electronics, be it for entertainment, communications, research, medical, utility, etc. are still just tools, not minor gods that we need to worship.

    I do love my iphone. There are times though that I miss having no phone or an old clamshell one before txt and cell internet and such. Less delicate, less complicated, etc. Of course, back then I would have also needed a laptop more often, separate media player of sone sort and a separate camera, so it's a trade off in that one.

  2. I concur for the most part definitely! We always prefer to have human to human contact! We use the computer merely as a tool most of the time for research, and really are against letting technology take over so many aspects of our lives. That said, we have found the computer to be a great way to meet friends that we share so much in common with and would never have learned of without it. We make as much effort as possible to meet them for real too and they almost always turn into the best of our friends! Of course Heidi and I found each other that way as well :)

    Keeping things in perspective and re-evaluating how much of it we allow into our lives is a great practice though and should be done pretty often IMO.

    Good Post!!!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  3. Thanks Remi and Mike. I would have to agree with you both. Consumerism is rampart as the American dream has forgotten the key aspect to the house and white picket fence, the ability to spend it at home with family. Now granted home can be anywhere and technology does make that communication, the small world feeling, much closer and easier. I am not against technology as far as its many uses, just how much time and perhaps inappropriate times its used. There is nothing like real world face to face meeting.