Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am sitting at a mall in ohio waiting for Hanna to start. Its been a month since I went to see one and I have wanted to see this for a while and for once its not raining, I also wanted to do some housekeeping and reorganize a few things as the bed area in van feels crowded. I went to do the house sitting gig before returning home today to see my cats and get a feel for the van and the layout. Now that things have been in here, there are a few things that aren't going that I would like to drop at some local shops. I haven't put the bike in here yet which I will really want and that will occur tomorrow.
Today was gorgeous, I took my pup in for her spay. She is sleeping comfortably where the cats are albeit she is on pain meds as well.
I am actually starting to like my van layout as things I thought I would need I don't and I haven't found any new needs at the moment.

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