Monday, May 16, 2011

I came to visit a good friend of mine from my breeding days and got to meet my girl Ajahs grandkits and they are beyond adorable. Ajah only had one girl in her career and I showed her and placed her with a friend so she could have kittens. When she is done, both her and her father will be fixed and continue their show careers with me. The boy was imported from a long way out and is very special. For the breeders privacy and the scope of this blog, I will leave out names. Its simply been a wonderful trip and I have enjoyed overnighting with 4 gorgeous kits and my girl who still remembers me after a year.
I am out in the country of CO and getting here was an adventure with some real hills, I have the power but need a Jeep 4 x 4 to handle it in bad weather.
I still want a Jeep or Landrover to enjoy the backwoods of the west but not to far, just to visit the smaller communities.
I will be looking for a 4 wd vehicle or all wheel drive for better clearance. Having a trailer on the tight hills would be no fun so I just don't know yet what to look for.

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