Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still on lunch Lol,.. Working on some undone projects and found an entire book of stamps I didn't even know I had. The internet is my friend bc I am horrible with snail mail. But alas a few things must be done this way so I shall...
Last night while parked I saw a wolf and a fox, and today I have been watching birds at a park in KS called Chateaus Island. I couldn't find a rest stop so I opted for this. Pretty nifty spot. I am sitting in the slider section of the van, door open enjoying the breeze.
I have also gotten rid of more stuff or consolidated some and chucked others since this spot has a dumpster. There are precious few places where a full Bag can go.
I took the cardboard out of the rolls which fit 8 rolls where 4 would go, reorganized the clothes and kitchen areas and now with just the kitchen area left, it looks good.

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