Friday, May 20, 2011

In vandwelling, there is no such thing as easy, you learn to take your time and expect to wait.
You learn to be creative like washing your hair in some rather strange places or creating some interesting ways to fix a basic dish. Grocery shopping is done with cans and things that won't explode in the heat or need refrigerated because running a fridge is to much electricity and ice gets expensive besides a pond in the cooler the next morning.
You learn one bed roll isn't enough padding, that your sleeping bag needs to be able to handle below zero and still be cozy when its 80.
You quickly realize all that stuff you brought and never use is merely that, stuff. It goes to the goodwill fate has you parked from.
Stacking tubs and bags sounds great and looks pretty until you see it on the floor. And trust me, you will get your load tested regularly. You will meet many fine folks and then you will want to run from others.
But hey, you have wheels, choose your neighbors or choose to have none.
And most important, you will learn to not panic, to be creative and be social and stealth rolled into one. You will go through a gamut of emotions, have worries the first few nights parked, and learn to truly trust the bird in your ear.
Enjoy your experience, this has been mine and I love every moment of it, even if things don't always go as expected, this is life and one in a van, well, its an adventure, live it and see where the road takes you.

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