Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nothing like a boiled potato, apple, carrots and black beans over rice in a mayo sauce with garlic for flavor. Also, in my vegetarian quest I have settled on lacto ovo as my style. I love dairy particularly milk. I don't eat eggs by themselves and I don't cook with them as they don't agree with me, but eggs are used in noodles and cookies, bread and pancakes ect. Milk is in cream of celery and mushroom. So I gave up meat and seafood and that's where I sit now. I buy only organic milk from pasture fed cows. I actually don't like the smell of meat anymore and I look forward to fruits and veggies. So this is the tale of one lazy vegetarian if you will. I may share more of my boil in the pot recipes as we go and further substitutions away from eggs and dairy. One big one has been bread to potatoes. I can make a potato several ways perhaps more than bread and love it.

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