Sunday, May 15, 2011

This lovely morning I find myself in CO. The sunrise this morning was lovely. I pulled into this spot at 6 pm yesterday, cooked up some mushroom soup with rice, ate some strawberries and a good dose of tea.
I am going to do laundry today in Lamar and then onto Pueblo to visit a dear friend.
Also, still vegetarian and boy was that reaffirmed on 50 when I passed those feedlots and the Tyson plant. Add watching the trucks unload and head up to the ramp. Now followed by several mom cows with their babes innocently lulling in the grass. I just can't imagine what they go through to get to the plate from factory farm to factory plant. I feel much better for the kosher and halal killed animals than standard factory although I prefer to see the cows alive with expression eating grass as nature intended.

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